Time to change appeal from “Don’t be afraid, take precaution” to “Don’t be careless, take precaution”: Prakash Javadekar

“Next month will be crucial for containment of COVID-19 in Pune, hence it is necessary that we change our appeal from “Don’t be afraid, take precaution” to the new appeal of “Don’t be careless, take precaution”. The Union Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar said this, after taking stock of Covid situation in Pune today.

The Minister held three meetings today to review the spread of COVID-19.  The first meeting was with officials of district and state government. The second meeting was with people’s representatives and the third with editors of newspapers.  “We received many suggestions and we have formulated a plan of action. We will increase antigen tests in containment zones. We will also soon begin second round of serological survey; this time, the sample will be bigger”, he said briefing media in the evening.

The third initiative that will be taken is the implementation of directives to wear masks.  Strict fines will be levied: Rs. 500 for not wearing masks and Rs. 1,000 for spitting in public.

“We need to break the chain. Cooperation from the media is very important in this fight, it is everyone’s fight. Coordination among various agencies is necessary. We have also decided that updated information will be shared periodically so there is no information gap. The centre will give all possible help in this regard. In a day or two, we will come out with an action plan for Jumbo facilities” Shri Javadekar added.

Earlier, newspaper editors gave various suggestions for containment of COVID-19.  It was suggested that fatigue due to continuous hard work of 3 to 4 months was being observed and that law enforcement agencies seemed to be exhausted and were seen in fewer numbers on roads. It was also suggested to create a one stop solution for providing information about ambulance and availability of beds.

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