Why Indian boys hate BTS..?

Most boys in India hate BTS i mean why? just because you don’t understand Korean culture there way of dressing and living you will hate!!.I have seen many meme pages making meme calling them gay and there comment section is full of mean comments especially by boys/men.

Let us understand this of course in India we have different sense of calling men handsome they must have beard because beard shows masculinity and if one do not want to keep beard they are simply considered as gay seriously why?. In South Korea men do not keep beard it does make them less masculine.What i believe is that they cannot accept the fact that men can be considered as men without beard men can do makeup men can be talented too.They completely forget the fact that there favorite Indian actor also do makeup .Makeup is an art everybody does it to hide there blemishes it is no shame.They are so hypocrite they like Korean women but hate men.

Beard is just not the reason the main reason is that they cannot accept the change they do not have any knowledge regarding that profession or about how Korean people lives.They just simply cannot tolerate the fact that girls like BTS.

I know that every individual has opinion but hate is not accepted you are passing this hate to the people near you to your younger generation.Just because a meme page is joking about BTS that does not mean you need to follow it too.Before saying anything about anyone have some knowledge you must not say anything just like that,Bts is world’s biggest boys band they are talented.

The people typing hate comments and making meme should get there facts check that BTS is been nominated for grammy award,moreover they have won many awards.They have there fans from all over the world.

Having opinion is one thing but spreading hate and negativity is not acceptable.I have also seen if one talks about positive fact some people reply them with lot of negativity saying that BTS are gay they abuse that person,it is not at a cool! people need to understand that this negativity is not good, try to understand that why BTS has this much fan following.So Stop negativity spread positivity make this world a better place.

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