Why OFFLINE is still the best idea!

In this world of new normal, Digital has replaced Traditional . But is it worth it ? NO, is atleast my answer . What good is the online classes doing ? I see nothing except the damage. Sticking to the screens for so many hours and plugging in your earphones is only causing an increase in the stress level . Who says there is an increase in concentration level..turning your videos off or even in your videos on and chatting on the Facebook and Whatsapp ..what kind of concentration is this ? How many people in the rural areas even have access to the technology required for attending an online class. Or even how many rural teachers even have access to technology to teach their students online. The literacy level was already bad in the rural areas the pandemic just made it worst.

Online classes has made students lethargic. Lying on the bed or on sofa and attending a class because i need my attendance is exactly what it has become now. The radiation of the laptop or mobile screens is of great harm to children under age. They are more prone to eye infections or weak eyesight. There is an increase in anger and agitation level of both the kids and adults.

Also , what a Traditional concept can do Online can never overtake .The sense of Belongingness can never be replaced by Whatsapp , the social strata,the smell of books can never be replaced by Ebooks ,the environment of a classroom can never be changed by the four walls of your drawing room. There are no technical issues just the emotional ones. You can always run into a staff room and disturb your teacher because you didn’t understand a concept . In the online mode you send a message to the teacher with the uncertainity of receiving a reply. Maybe the doubt will always remain a doubt.

The feeling of a high five you gave to a friend because you got an answer correct, can never be felt by a high five emoji! The programmes that were held on 5th of september, to thank our teachers for the efforts they put in and bring that smile on their face can never be replaced by a virtual wish . The collaborative learning in the classroom can never be repalced by the chaos of everybody unmuting themselves and speaking. The group projects are not the same now.

Maybe, Online is the need of the hour, but saying it is better than Offline doesen’t make much sense!


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