Interesting Microbes

In the world of biology,there are many fascinating things to learn and tour. Many of them, we have experienced or heard but are not aware about. Nature is the most captivating thing in the world, be it the aquatic nature, terrestrial, and microbiological…..

  • Introduction

In the branch of Microbiology ,botulinum is a micro organism(bacterium) called Clostridium botulinum. It is gram positive. Gram positive basically means that the bacteria has a thick cell wall( ‘cell wall’ of a bacteria is called peptidoglycan).It is a rod shaped bacteria and is anerobic( meaning it survives without oxygen.In fact oxygen makes the cell to die.But, it does live in some situation where it has a chemical called superoxide dismutase.) It belongs to the class Clostridia.It is a pathogen(diseases causing micro organism).The organism being anerobic, can breed in canned food foodstuffs.It is the most dangerous toxin producer known to mankind.The microbe can sustain the most adverse conditions of nature. It is commonly found in soil. This organism occur at various place in larger quantities, for eg. North America, Europe etc.

  • What makes it special?

Phew! That was a lot of scientific explanation, wasn’t it? Now, what does makes this organism shine in the limelight? Well, as toxic as this organism is, it also it’s good side. Which makes it weirdly special. We will not go too deep into the concept because this organism has literally 180 different species and…let me get this straight, that would be not be….so interesting. No offence, but remembering all the names is ridiculously hard. So ya,but the fact is that this microbe is also used in medical purposes. According to a site, Clostridium botulinum has been used for following reasons

  1. Chronic migraine
  2. Blepharospasm( have a great time pronouncing it ;).  – it means uncontrollable blinking)
  3. Strabismus ( means misaligned eyes)

And the list goes on and on but what is the most exceptional thing about it is Botox

  • What is Botox?

Botox is said to be a ‘neurotoxic protein’ which is produced by the bacteria itself. Botox is an enzyme and not the organism itself. The chemical formula of Botox is pretty big.    Formula: C6760H10447N1743O2010S32

( I know you didn’t read the formula fully)

Anyways, one must understand that the bacteria is produced by botulinum and and careless doses can cause infections from the bacteria. One can describe Botox to be a drug which makes the facial  wrinkles and frown lines to smoothen temporarily. There are some side effects of this treatment leading as far as

  • Muscle weakness 
  • Trouble in swallowing after the treatment
  •  Dry mouth
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Stiffness on limbs etc.

Botox is also used to check neck spasms etc. Botox treatments are temporary and usually last for about 3 to 6 months. Many celebrities go under Botox treatments. In fact, a few years ago, Botox treatments was a trend and literally everyone was going to the dermatologist ( the one who studies and cures patients from skin disorders). Ironic isn’t it that such a toxic substance is so eagerly taken by so many people. But honestly, you don’t need to feel bad about your wrinkles. Now you might get agitated, because your next question might be if those celebrities can, why can’t I? The thing is, celebrities have to maintain a particular composure, a particular face, how they carry themselves, to be recognised and remembered. Their face matters in their career. This makes the post extremely difficult as one has to go through various differenciations,for makeup,outfits, crowd work etc. This usually means that they need to have a really strong mental composure and deal with every kind of criticism. Breakdowns in their cases are so common that almost half of them get closed down towards socializing. And thus need great amount of confidence to stand,facing such a big crowd. And therefore, they have to go through many things. But we, as a normal human, must not be ashamed of afraid of wrinkles. It’s just a part of or personality. Sometimes, people persuade us by aiming our insecurities, but that’s when we need to stand up for ourselves. We all are beautiful within our soul. These external factors often influence us and make us go through these pains. Every person is gifted with something distinctive about them,we just don’t recognise it until someone points it out to us ,because for us it may be normal, but for others, as some like to call it ‘god’s gift.’ Yes, we all have our insecurities but that doesn’t mean that we give in so easily ,does it?

But at the end of the day, it all just boils down to our own choices and decisions. If one does a Botox treatment, there’s nothing wrong in it. One should not judge someone based on those factors. Because we don’t know what they have gone through, felt every decision they take aand we are no one to exploit them..

There are many fascinating organisms like that heavenly, mouthwatering(admit it!) scent of soil when wet. Actually the scent can only be smelled when a dry soil is splashed with water. The scent , called petrichor is actually a smell released by Streptomyces bacteria. Sorry if I ruined it but that’s just a fact that it is released by this bacteria which is actually a soil molecule!

Nature and so many  engrossing and captivating things, it’s hard to grasp it all at once while still exploring for more!!

Note: This article was never meant to offend someone. If so, I sincerely apologise for it.

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