Music can convey better than words

When words fail, music speaks.” For every emotion known to man, there seems to be a song that can embody the feelings that go along with that emotion. There are songs about sadness, joy, fear, anger, confusion, and love. There are even songs without words, and even these tunes can have a powerful effect on a person. What is music, exactly? Some may say it is the combination of a tune, notes, rhythms, and maybe even words. But to me, I find that music is much more than a simple melody. Music lives and breathes everywhere—in the soft whisper of a summer breeze, in the crashing and rolling of waves in an ocean, or even in the beating of a baby’s heart. Music is the rhythmic pulse of life, and it gives life to everything.

Music is more than words put to a tune; it’s the flow of goodness and life that can be found in every situation, good or bad. It’s a helping hand when someone fell down. It’s a loving embrace after not seeing each other for years. It’s a tear that falls down the cheek of a baby. That’s the thing about music—it is different for everyone. Music is there to help us when things are too overwhelming to put into words. Music is a constant that will forever embody emotions of love and life. Music is the rhythm of life.

Listening to music is one of the most relaxing ways any human being can ever imagine. Although most of us have different tastes, the availability of different kinds of music in different genres has enabled people to listen to what they want according to how they feel at the moment. We sometimes cannot tell how the musician is feeling, but the message can impact us in various ways depending on what we are going through in our lives. 

Heart broken, beaten down or feeling so low; then tears can do wonders to express this feeling. Most of us go through tough situations in life. Although we can talk about some things in life, sometimes the level of hurt or pain can be so intense in such a way that singing becomes the only option to express how we have been affected by something. Music with words provides a missing link between reason and emotion. Singing takes language and pulls the most possible feeling out of it. Yet the kind of emotion it presents is so deep precisely because it can be hard to pin down.

The ability to perceive emotion in music is said to develop early in childhood, and improve significantly throughout development.The capacity to perceive emotion in music is also subject to cultural influences, and both similarities and differences in emotion perception have been observed in cross-cultural studies.Singing is as essential for humans as it is for our fellow musical creatures. Birds, whales and humans all sing because we must, because it is of our very essence. It is easy in this age when everyone can carry their music collection around in their pocket to forget that the true power of song does not emerge if all we do is consume it. So take those buds out of your ears, forget about those MP3s, and remember that singing is a powerful thing, capable of expressing every possible human emotion.

Music is nothing but the words that a person can’t say due to his situation.Rather than speaking it he likes to put the emotions in the lyrics of the music. Person have many phases in their life that phases he put it in the thread of music. Whether a person is heart broken or happiest person or wants to dedicate someone his feeling or just want to represent life , they all put there emotions, there unspoken words in the thread of lyrics and form a music.

Lastly, I want to say even if we don’t have words to express ourself but we have music that can reveal more than what we can’t say.

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