Should we fear the Moral Police

Freedom is being You without anyone’s permission


Moral police is an umbrella category of vigilante groups which act to enforce a code of morality in India. Some of India’s laws, and some actions of police forces in India are also considered to be instances of moral policing.The target of moral policing is any activity that vigilante groups, the government or police deem to be “immoral” and/or “against Indian culture”.

India has several vigilante groups that claim to protect the Indian culture. They resist and oppose cultural concepts that they deem to have been imported from the Western culture. They have been known to attack bars and pubs.Some of these groups have attacked or have forced to shut down art exhibitions, where they claim obscene paintings were being displayed. They have issued diktats against western attires. Some have also condemned beauty parlours. Some members of the media have also colluded with such groups.Some politicians have supported such viewpoints and occasionally such activities.This question has striked hard in the light of recent events of the moral policing attack on kollywood actress Samyuktha Hedge in a public park in Bangalore.

Kannada actor Samyuktha Hegde on Saturday alleged that she and her friends were morally policed, abused and assaulted in a Bangalore park by a lady called Kavitha Reddy and some men for wearing a workout clothes in a public place.

Samyuktha recorded the entire altercation on Instagram live. In another video, a man threatens Samyuktha that he will tell the media that she was doing drugs. Kavitha had called the cops and she wished for Samyuktha and her friends to be booked for public indecency.

“After being in a democracy and following all the norms of social distancing, we were abused and ridiculed by Kavitha Reddy and the mob in Agara Lake for practicing our hula-hoop while wearing sportswear. Despite being polite and trying to solve the problem, the lady hit my friend and used disparaging remarks about me and my friends,” Samyuktha Hedge said in her Instagram post.

“I was extremely disappointed with how the police who came to the location behaved, like nothing was wrong and spoke to her with respect while asked us to be quiet. The cops stood there while her mob harassed us and even after requesting the police continuously, they decided to stand there and support this (proof on igtv). Yesterday was really hard and it was so disturbing to go through this,” she added.

After the consequences of her Action Kavitha publicly apologized to Samyuktha saying that she was always against moral policing and that she realized her actions were constructed as such. She also apologized for her aggressive reactions as well.

Samyuktha accepted Kavitha Reddy’s apology and wrote, “Apologies accepted Ms Kavitha Reddy. I hope we can all move forward from the incident and make women feel safe everywhere.

This action and reaction has made us to think again that should we need moral policing when there is law and order to protect the citizens of India.

There are three things india should say goodbye to:

1. Moral Policing


3.Castesim and religious extremism.