Sales model is a structure and method according which a buisness organisation executes its salea processHaving a structured sales model in your business is the most important thing as it will directly effect the revenue generation. Here in this article I am sharing powerful tried and tested sales model. Sales model depends on the nature of business it has to be selected according to the business. Right sales model can can give a sudden Just curve and higher revenue but wrong sales model can be a virtual suicide. Some people may confuse it with types of sales but the below are the sales model or the methods of doing sales. Must have a look

  1. SALES OUTSOURCING- when you have expertise in product development it’s manufacturing ,innovation and packaging but selling is a bit tougher task for you in this case you can hire an outsourcing company who will sell your products.
  2. WHITE LABEL SELLING- it is bit similar to sales outsourcing but sales outsourcing is done in the name of your brand whereas white label will done on the name of some other brand like bharat gear work as a white label for maruti suzuki.
  3. RETAIL CHAIN- In this model you build your own retail chain it is very costly you have to establish the physical stores on your own cost but at the same time you don’t have to pay to sellers or commission agent you will deliver your product directly to the customer and you will be in touch withyour target audience andunderstanding consumers behaviour becomes easy at this position.
  4. E COMMERCE this is a thing with which most of us are familiar one can set a seller account on various events commerce websites injust few steps. Best part of each commerce is that you don’t have to find customer. Customer will find you and buy from you but this is suitable for only products based company and not for service based company.
  5. WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS- This model is very prevelant in India manufacturer sell to wholesalers then wholesalers sell to retailers with some margin and then retailers sell it to customers with some margin with this sales is executed in levels.
  6. RESELLERS AND VALUE ADDED SELLER- It simply means buying a product adding value to it make modifications and reselling it in higher pricee for example a hawker buys a balloon blows air into it makes a design and sell it in higher price.

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