Ways to stay optimistic

Do you often find yourself giving in to negativities and put yourself in a bad mood? Well, if this is so then you don’t have to let bad news or negativities ruin your day. Every new day has something positive to offer, but some days you might have to look for it a little harder. Here are four things you can apply in your daily life to attract positivity and happiness into your life.
1) Practice gratitude-  Write in a gratitude journal everyday, right after you wake up from your sleep. Being thankful for the things you already have or have achieved so far, helps you stay motivated the entire day. Studies have shown gratitude to be linked with positive emotions and overall well-being over time. Starting your day with positive thoughts would thus help you stay focused only on the positive aspects of your life.
2) Listen to Music- whenever you find yourself in a bad mood because of certain negativities clouding your mind, then just tune into some music that gives out happy vibes. Researches have shown that listening to happy music instantly put you in a happy mood, as music activates the region of your brain that produces the feel good hormone, dopamine. Therefore you start feeling good and happy after a while.
3) Follow your passion- to cast of all the negative thoughts, try doing the things you are most passionate about or try to do something that would add meaning to your life. You can become a volunteer if you want to. Volunteer for a cause you believe in or sign in for a class to learn something new. This would give you a new sense of meaning and fulfillment in life.
4) Practice meditation- Try to inculcate the habit of practicing meditation into your daily routine. A few minutes of meditation would help you clear your mind, boost your mood by decreasing stress and you would feel much better. This would ultimately help you stay calm  and focused in your life.
So, readers, don’t let negativities cloud your thinking and suck your optimism. You have a choice to decide how to respond to any situation. So, next time if  you find yourself being bogged down by all the negativities around you then just try to incorporate the above mentioned tips into your life and see the difference for yourself!