Empowering the Rural India : A step closer towards building “The New INDIA”

Article by – Shishir Tripathi
Intern at Hariyali Foundation
In collaboration with
Educational News

It is generally said that behind a properly functioning, powerful system there is another support system i.e. the base on which the system is set up. There are many such examples to support the above statement. In case of Computer, it’s the motherboard that serves as the backbone of the system connecting all the major parts in it. Another example is the human body itself, the spinal cord or simply the backbone serves as the medium to support the whole body.

Similarly in case of a Nation, there are different fields and sectors together forming a support system for the nation. Particularly talking about Indian Economy, her it is all about the rural India which forms the backbone of the Indian Economy. It is generally said that a tree can stay straight for years, only if its roots are strong. In the same fashion, a nation will survive and prosper if its roots are so strong.

The condition of Rural India at present is not so good. There is the problem where the system gets stuck. The service sector and the manufacturing sectors are performing at their best level they could operate. Some technological upgradations will work. But what about the agriculture sector which is basically in the rural India.

The condition of farmers in India is not so good. Being an agrarian economy, India has to take a lot of steps for performing at the optimum level in the agricultural sector and other small sectors too which come from Rural India.

There are several problems in the villages of India. The primary problem for the people living in Rural Indian is the problem of proper sanitation and drainage system. In rains, water logging is the main problem in general with almost every village. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, toilets are built in villages but more attention is needed to be paid there too. Sometimes, the contractors use poor quality material for building the toilets and as a result of which the toilets don’t stand for so long. Secondly, not only toilets, but a proper drainage system should be there for exit of water from the villages to avoid drenching of streets in villages.

Moving ahead towards the agricultural sector that fulfills the requirements of food for the Nation and even exports the agricultural products. Firstly, there should be development of proper irrigation techniques. Promoting inventions in such fields or sectors should be encouraged by the means of advertising so that others could also use those techniques in their fields. Due to unavailability of financial resources, farmers in India depend entirely upon rain and hence are at loss due to uneven rainfall. Big farmers afford techniques like tube wells and other such techniques but the small farmers with no such resources have to entirely depend upon rains.

Also, availability of efficient harvesting techniques at cheaper rates to small farmers will eventually lead to better harvest and proper collection of yield within lesser time too.

When it comes to selling of agricultural products farmers are again at loss because their products even after being of superior quality do not get proper advertising and attractive packaging. Other cheaper products from foreign firms dominate the Indian Market and as a result of which the local products and producers suffer.

When it comes to the matter of Finance, there too Farmers suffer. Banks say farmers are unable to pay the loans back when sudden loss occurs due to floods, fires, pest attacks, etc. Government should encourage the Insurance and other policies covering the crops of different seasons at lesser premiums. Also, from the side of farmers it is generally heard that they didn’t get the loan because of the long documentation process.

A proper mechanism is needed to be developed here again which will help the agriculture sector flourish and also minimizing the loss of banks.
Moving further, setting up of small manufacturing units for women there in villages only is again very important for making the core of the Indian Economy. Though, the governments have done a lot in the field of small scale industries in the form of allowing the loan availability through Self Help Groups but still some medications, some alterations in the policies for the local manufacturers should be considered by the government.

A farmer working happily on his farm, a woman working with pride in the small scale industry of her village will succeed the dream of New India in true sense and will bring wholesome prosperity to the Nation.