Peace, can it be achieved or only experienced?

“Don’t stay awake for too long
Don’t go to bed
I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head.” This goes perfectly for the mind peace with a slightest change that if you are a tea fan then replace it with coffee.

You know, it should be on Guinness Book for the most searched thing in the world.

I’m not saying that, i have got that.. no, and how can I get that when I’m living in the same world where you all are??

But, I know something which you should also know. Peace is something which can be never found, but always experienced. It can be never achieved, but, it can be shared.

Like, for a moment something happens which makes you happy, and you start dreaming of the life which is full of happiness. No, it’s not wrong, but what happens when for a moment you experience sadness. Do you think same or do, we think same??

No, we want that moment to pass as soon as possible and happiness to re-enter our life. And that’s wrong.

Gautam buddha said “When there’s wants and desire of something in your mind, peace can never make home there”.

Ok! But, aren’t we humans, it’s our work. Without wants and desire, how can a human live?? Does that mean humans are never going to find peace??

No, we can and someday we will, at least one of us will. All we have to do is live both the moments, happy and sad. That’s all, when we are ready to accept Whatever life is giving us to live and learn. Then we can have the Peace.

In a simple words, we can have our wants and desire because we are humans, but first we should have what is needed. Then only peace can make it’s home in your mind.

Now, how to know the difference  between wants and need. There’s always a simple example for that , you want to have 4-5 chapati but all you need was 3-4 chapati. Then why extra? For saving purpose? Come On that chapati will be thrown out in last if it didn’t get utilized in the required time, and it goes not just with chapati, it goes with every thing.

Like Gautam Buddha had an empire to run, and a family to see.. but he did what he was needed at that moment or in that era.

So, focus on the thing you need first, then when you achieve that, you will experience peace in your mind and then again you will go for wants but that’s acceptable because life goes on with thoughts and wants, but always go for need first.

Leave your views down below on this topic and tell us more what can be done to have, that peace for a moment.

See yaa.

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