The purpose of media in a nation is to provide information and knowledge to the people of the country. Media is regarded to be the most reliable means of information for the masses. There is no uncertainty about it that media plays an essential part in broadcasting information and facts, it keeps us informed regarding the happening across the world. The media acts as a link within the residents and the administration of the nation act as a third eye to the government, it draws clarity between the people and the state. News media is the fourth pillar of the democracy, be it a print media or television/ radio its main objective is to spread information with unbiased news without any modification or restriction, because people believe what they know, see and hear from these media platforms and manage to develop views and beliefs based on the data they are perceiving.

Indian media has been known for its reliable and substantial influence on the social, economical and political aspects of the country. In recent years the practice of funded news and increase in TRP has destroyed the faith across the media drastically, and because of this, the biggest victim turns out to be the Indian constitutionalism. The system of exerting money and supports from the corporate houses, politicians, administration, and big organizations, so that the media could show beneficial news concerning them has become a general practice in the press and is ruining the integrity of a journalist. Even if some of the media organizations or reporters want to present the right information to the people, they are always shut by the warning or threatening calls .

From the past two months where Indian TV channels mainly national ones have developed a fascination for one particular section of news – the demise of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput. No matter however trivial or impossible, the Indian news media has left no stone unturned while broadcasting on Rajput’s death while there is other news like continuous rapes in Uttar Pradesh, the aftermath of floods in Assam, Ladakh issues, etc.

Most of the TV-news channels undividedly feed the desires of their political leaders and build the narratives to promote their political publicity. Paid news is dropping moral norms of journalism and day by day, the trust of the people on media platforms is disintegrating. The news commentators sitting on the ease of their AC studios and involving in undesirable discourse upon particular splinter group are accused of the current position of crisis in the nation. The Indian media now bears a severe crisis of reliability. If it does not improve itself, it will find its greatest asset going quickly depreciated and ultimately disappearing. Stripped of authenticity, sincerity, and trustworthiness, the media will desist to value to huge numbers of people lacking as a source of shoddy entertainment. Its high time now and we should stop this inconsistency before it causes more damage to the nation. Simply debar these news channels as we don’t need the help of news channels for biased opinions.