Media and Politics


The purpose of media in a nation is to provide information and knowledge to the people of the country. Media is regarded to be the most reliable means of information […]

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Freedom of press and newspaper

Article 19 states right to freedom of speech and expression that is guaranteed to every citizen of India.It is the communication and expression through various media like print, electronic etc. In today’s scenario , its right to say that media make and break image of a person, party or a […]

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Is Media a fourth pillar of democracy?

16 December 2012: A severe assault and murder, prevalently known as “NIRBHAYA GANG-RAPE CASE”, shocked the country. A student, in Delhi, was coming back to home, late night, with a companion. Shockingly, when they couldn’t discover a vehicle late night, they took a transport, which had just six individuals other […]

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