5 Simple ways to practice self-love

Do you often hate yourself for the things you have done in the past or for who you are as a person today? Well, self-love is something that doesn’t come instantly, you will have to focus on all the good features and characteristics of yourself to truly love being ‘YOU’ as a person. However, don’t mistake self-love for narcissism. The concept of self-love is much broader than mere loving your outward appearance. Now, let’s explore the 5 simple ways, following which you can learn to embrace your true self.

1) Delete your past- the first step towards the process of self-love is to forget the bad events that had happened in your past and that often makes you feel miserable or guilty, today. Every individual has a past of their own, your past should not impact your present, no matter what! Let go of all the past memories that has the potential to make you feel bad about yourself in the present. Your past belongs to the past, don’t let it spoil your present, instead remember the lesson it taught and try not to repeat those mistakes again.Learn from your worst experiences and keep growing in life. Do not look back!
2) Don’t look for outside validation- don’t let people decide how you feel. In order to practice self-love you will have to stop seeking validation from others. Get dressed as you like, do whatever you want to,without seeking anybody’s validation. It’s okay if you do not get appreciated for the things you do by following your heart, well, that doesn’t  mean you should stop doing it. After all, at the end of the day, it is you who would have to be with your damn self, so don’t let anybody control your life. You should have control over your life and live it the way you want to without seeking anybody’s validation, otherwise it would cost you your happiness and peace of mind.
3) Have control over your thoughts- it is commonly seen that almost every person sees the good qualities in others while they cannot find one in themselves. This is where you start comparing yourself with others and then end up being depressed. Have you ever tried to find your best qualities and understand yourself better? Well, may be you have never tried doing so! It’s never too late though, try it today, to find all the good qualities in yourself and understand why are you better than the person you were comparing, in the first place. I am pretty sure, you will find a number of reasons to love yourself, now. Accept yourself with all your flaws. Everybody has flaws but that doesn’t make anybody less worthy of love.You are not defined by your imperfections as nobody is perfect in this world!
4) Forgiveness- Just like you should let go of your past, you should also forgive yourself and others. Doing this will help you appreciate yourself better and this would help you let go of any regret, guilt, and shame that you might have been feeling so far.
   Forgiveness is thus, the key to love yourself better. Just take a deep breath, let go and forgive!
5) Work on your goals- attach yourself to your life-goals than to any individual. This would help you stay away from the emotional clutches of people that we often find ourselves fall into, as a result of getting emotionally attached to them. As we all know, nothing is permanent, and most of the time people enters your life temporarily, so instead of letting yourself become dependent on them, better stay focused on your goals, and keep chasing your dreams. This would help you become self dependent and give you the strength to fight your own storms. By working on your goals and achieving them would give you immense joy and contentment, and you will feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence would get a boost and you would strive for achieving the best in life.
    So if you constantly hate yourself for the smallest of things you have done in your past or because you do not feel good about your appearance, then my dear readers, you should start implementing the above mentioned ways into your life so as to embrace your true- self and to stop holding yourself in a lower position than any other person. Every person is unique in their own way and is worthy of self-love!