Must-Watch Movies

Must Watch Movies

In the 20th century, movies and series have become easily available to everyone through either television or applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, et cetera. A well-spent weekend is one packed with your favourite movies and shows non-stop along with a variety of snacks, you can enjoy this with friends and family or just yourself. With your favourite films of every genre and time just a click away, we have the power to watch movies we love the most, discover new ones, educate ourselves with documentaries, challenge ourselves with horror and thrillers, and much more.

• Bulbbul

Set back in time, Bulbbul is a movie which gives us insight into the problems that were and are still being faced by women of rural India. It is a story about a girl child who gets married into a good family but has to go through many traumatising incidents at a young age. She becomes a powerful woman who protects the women of her village by killing the men who threaten them, sexually or in any other way. In the end, Bulbbul comes back as a ghost to end the life of her husband who took away her happiness, used violence and left her alone to be wronged further by his brother. This movie is one of the best Bollywood films released in 2020. 

• Axone

The movie is named after a traditional Naga dish and shows the struggles Nort-eastern Indians face in the capital city of India. It stars Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram, Tenzing Dalha and many more up and coming actors. In the movie, a group of friends attempt to make Axone while organising a small wedding for a member of their group but face more challenges than they expected because of the prejudice people hold against them. It shows multiple layers of differential treatment they receive, be it friendly or hostile. People in India need to watch this movie in order to be aware of the problems of North-eastern people. India will become truly inclusive only if all the citizens feel at home in every state of the large country. 

• Harry Potter marathon

The eight movies of Harry Potter are incredibly entertaining and well-suited for all ages. Binge-watching the Harry Potter series and discussing the return of the Dark Lord as well as Harry’s fate keeps us engaged and on the edge of our seats. In these tough times, these movies allow us to escape into a fantasy land which completely takes off our minds from the crisis we’re facing in our real world. Written by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books are a masterpiece on which these movies are based. By the end of the movies, we can’t help but want more adventures of the three best friends, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. 

We should keep in mind that movies greatly impact a mind, especially a young one. Most of the movies being produced today have, at least a few, violent or aggress scenes. Some films may also have underlying tones of racism, sexism, homophobia, which they may knowingly or unknowingly promote. Thus, we need to be careful and should learn to identify movies which defame or discriminate against certain communities. Furthermore, we should also raise our voice against such films. 

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