How to overcome your inner ego?

It is good to realize that you are. But increasing that feeling to such an extent that nothing else is remembered creates problems. We are unable to accept that we too can be wrong. Then we start making ourselves the centre of everything. It is not easy to stop the roots of your ego from spreading.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so bitter, or why they go out of your life without any reason? Have you ever wondered why all the wars fought in the last thousand years started? Even some wars were quite terrible. Do not know how many lives were lost in them. And have you ever thought about all the crimes that are killing millions of people? Whether at stake, friendship or war or crime, they all start from the same common source, which is, our ego. It is very difficult for us to leave it. We have to liberate ourselves from this ego in reality. But for this, the most important thing is to understand what the ego is. Why should we assume that sometimes we can be wrong? If you find answers to these questions, then believe that your life will become more enjoyable.

What is ego?

This word of three letters is like the devil sitting on our shoulder, about whom we have always been reading. This is your alternate version, which nurtures all your insecurities, fears, hatred and perception. It is the antithesis of what is right for you. It is the enemy of your heroism. It is darkness for your light.

Arrogance is, in reality, an immature, crying, and loud-shouting child. We all have it. It does not go far from us. The best way to deal with it is to try to calm it down. Doing so has also been the core of many religions, especially in the philosophies of eastern countries. However, few lucky people are able to achieve such feats as pushing the ego beyond. To be honest, to follow their path and to achieve success in today’s era, our intelligence will hardly be said. Then we have to live a life that most people will not be ready to live. Therefore, the better option is to make ourselves worthy that when the ego becomes bigger, then we can feel it ourselves and work with sincerity towards calming it down. We can move forward step by step in this work, although for this we have to make ourselves serious so that we can know what is the reason for ego ?.

When and where do you find your ego

Ego is everywhere. It is constantly expanding. Like, arrogance is the reason that you take everything personally. Due to ego, you harm the person in front of the relationship-breakdown. Because of your ego, you start bothering your car by standing in front of it even if it is difficult for some other car on the road. Due to ego, we do not accept our fault, it is due to the ego that we treat others harshly. That is why we do not like our failure or defiance. Obviously, this list of ego is quite long. Every day we have to deal with all such situations when we express our reaction in many ways. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, our ego comes in the way. Then, when the circumstances are no longer under our control or they go against us, then we immediately feel unlucky and we start blaming it on other people. It is a sick mentality, which is constantly expanding. Many other people can also take advantage of this. Nevertheless, we do not want to change this mindset.

Keep yourself disciplined

I have no objection to accepting that when I am wrong, I hate myself. I am probably the first person to believe this. Not only that, even when I am denied, I still hate. I also hate failure at one point and I like to avoid it as long as I can. I am afraid of these things because they will not make me feel good. I believe that such human feelings never cease. Some always remain. But I am also the first person in this matter, who controls his ego. Due to enough work and constant meditation on myself, I can tell the exact moment when my ego shows up.

Admit your mistake

I also know very well that when I am unable to take any specific step due to excessive fear. Is it easy to do? Can your ego be overcome by just feeling something? Sorry, this will not happen. Then I will become a resident of the Tophet, and it will be impossible to calm the beloved devil on my shoulder. I am sure you must be feeling the same way. But the first step towards atonement or solution to this problem is to accept your mistakes. I have tried to accept my shortcomings. You should also try to do the same.
At last, Say ‘Go’ to Ego.