Legend Javed Akhtar takes dig at the “Drug Conspiracy” in Bollywood

After so much controversy on drug angle which is revolving in the news. Whole Bollywood is now just started to react on this. However, reaction is mixed but still majority of industry has opted to remain silent on the burning issues.Now the great legend has given his thoughts on this issue which we are going to tell you now because you must give a shot to some points that he has made regarding the whole matter.  Akhtar has been renowned for presenting his valuable advice and comment on various issues.

He recently gave an interview where he told his take on all the matters. Javed out and out told that drugs is a wrong sentiment in whole world and there is a solid reason behind banning it from whole universe. A lot of people have risked and lost their lives in such unimportant things. Millions of money and time has been wasted by this fake and man-made pleasure. He told that he had only heard about it and still it feels worse just by thinking.

It has been said that Youth has been affected by it most. I haven’t seen any drugs with my naked eyes in my whole life. It is not just a problem to industry rather it’s an issue threatening the society. It is among the worst of problems world is suffering currently. There should be more ponder on this to eliminate it fully. However, he somewhat said he don’t know that it is legal or illegal as per law.

Jawed Akhtar has also poured views on various topic across the interview. The drug thing has become the most discussed and hyped issues after Kangana quoted that 90% -90% of the Bollywood is used to of taking drug. The Actor turned BJP MP also raised this issue in the parliament. Ravi kishan bluntly criticized the practice and its growing network all around.

Then in parliament, there was a big mess as Jaya Bacchan didn’t agreed with this and opposed this with a long speech. He replied that on the mere mistake of some peoples, ravi kishan can’t defame the whole industry. Kangana also replied opposing the comment of jaya bacchan in Twitter. Twitter was trending whole day on this topic with retweets of various celebrity or influencers in twitter.

This whole incidents in and out on online made quite a few persons against the Kangana on the whole Drug-nepotism-SSR triangle. As very peoples have expressed in this issue recently.

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has said that he was told that drugs were served on trays at high-profile Bollywood parties, although he has never personally witnessed it. His comments come after Kangana Ranaut alleged that 99% of the film industry has been exposed to drugs. Vikram said, “I have never been to a party where drugs have been taken by anyone. I have been to big parties. Somebody once told me that in some parties, different kinds of drugs are offered in trays. The guests then pick up the drug of their choice. However, I have never seen any such thing in the parties I’ve been to.”

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