What exactly is Storytelling?

There is so much to speak and listen. Who doesn’t have a story to hear! Everybody has more than one story whether it is Job-related, life-connected, pains of social media etc. And don’t know how many stories we all are filled with. Just try it once. The stories start flowing. That is, life itself is made up of stories. Stories are produced and circulated in our lives one after another. Sayers say if they have something to say. If you know how to tell others, then everyone listens. How will they not listen? They need a teller. A storyteller who is proficient in telling and speaking his voice. There is no shortage of listeners in today’s date. If you have the skills to express, then the listeners are ready. If we can provide any other option to the audience or listeners similar to social media, then nothing can be better than this.

We enjoy or tell stories of our own or others through social media or other mediums. Who went where? What did they eat? Information about where one is roaming etc. is taken and given. Many times you are happy to share your personal moments with others and sometimes you know who is doing what? In whose life now new guests have arrived ? etc. Actually, man is such a living being who cannot sit empty. Either narrates stories of his past or is interested in listening. How efficiently you can tell the story of yourself or others matters. These days there is a great demand for storytellers and speakers in the corporate sector. Storytellers who connect them with management tools by connecting strings of small incidents and everyday life-related events. How a manager treats his team, how to make a project successful, etc. shares theoretical things through the story. The charge for each session is at least ten thousand. What is special about them? If there is something special, can’t we learn the skill of storytelling? There is also a question, what happens in these stories? Our life philosophy and life’s ups and downs are recorded in the stories. If this happened in his or her life, what kind of tricks did he or she adopt and got out of that situation? We often find the light of way and hope from those stories. 

Actually, we understand more from stories rather than theories. In theory, you listen to many things and then throw them from the other ear. But when grandmother or friend narrates stories, our interest increases. Because a lot depends on what is said here, who is telling what things and how much interest they have on the stories of one’s own sufferings. 

There are women or men in the street who have the skills to tell and narrate stories throughout the day. But we have to understand a difference here or by drawing a line that there is a fundamental difference between storytelling and blasphemy. As mentioned above, through the story in the corporate sector, the biggest and the smallest incidents and things are conveyed to the people. Case studies are also provided in management classes. It is said that such and such employees work in the company. People take more holidays there. So how do you as a manager handle it? Another example can also be that the company was incurring losses for the last two-three years. Production was not happening on time. But when a new manager and leader was appointed, he removed the company from shortcomings within six months and enabled it to run everything on time and according to the goal. Thus this story which we can name it case study. New students of management learn them. And let’s see how to introduce theory into practice.

We learn quickly by listening to and reading the story of how to mould the principles into practice or how a successful leader has succeeded in taking the principles and practices to take the company and organization to a new height. It may be a matter of separate discussion that our socialization has happened many times by principles and grammar. In it, schools, curriculum and textbooks nurture a conservative tradition to a large extent. Whereas in management, everything is tested and verified in practice. Perhaps because of a successful leader and manager, the company and organization achieve new heights. 

We have to understand that if the new leader has the ability and skill to execute the sight and vision, from strategy-building to execution, then it can run any project on the path of development. This is a story. Companies share this story among their other employees. When a professional storyteller picks up the same story, he is treated completely different. Here, when we are talking about the story, then it is becoming a little different story of an academic narrator, novelist. Such a story sometimes slips from the eye of the narrator. We can also call such stories a case study.