Resting the body from exertionby the medicine of Sleeping

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali Foundation
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In the present world where everyone is running all the day and even night too, it is highly important to have a proper sleep schedule so that the body and the brain relaxes when the tiring day of an individual ends. Not only people working in offices, but also the women at home require rest after the tiring day doing all types of house chores. Kids in the family too need rest after playing all day.

Many working people who sit the entire day in front of computer/laptop screens, mobile phones/tablets, need rest after time to time. Doctors advise that doing eye exercises and yoga for people whose eyes are exposed to electronic screens for the entire day. In big offices, there are separate areas for relaxing after the office work ends or in between too.

The human body is not a machine to be taken work all the day and expecting the machine to do more work the next day that too at a faster speed and more energy.

Students these days are attending online classes all day long sitting in front of mobile phone or laptops. Continuous screen exposure is really very harmful for the eyes, for the spine and can cause severe headache and pain. Not only classes, children but the entire youth is continuously online on social media for hours with all the recent updates. Continuous usage of phone and electronic devices may ruin the sleep schedule and will cause disruption in the normal sleeping process. Many people come to the doctor, complaining that they want to sleep at night when they are in bed but couldn’t. Many psychological disorders and other physical disorders and abnormalities are harming the normal, regular sleep schedule of the person.

Women too doing all the kitchen chores and other chores including cleaning, dusting, washing and the endless work at home face regular ache in the body and if not treated at time can cause internal injuries in bones and severe pain that can last for the rest life. Women at home should take rest time-to-time so that any physical ache and headache should not trouble them any day.

People do different work and have different sort of lifestyles but the one most common way of resting the brain and the body is ‘Sleep’. Many people argue that we feel by sharing updates on our social media handles or by playing any game or by following a certain hobby, but the most appropriate way of resting is sleeping after a tiring day. If one requires, he or she can have short naps in their offices in between the work. But only short naps won’t work. An adequate sleep in bed is so important for proper working of the human body and its internal organs/glands too. When a person sleeps, his body is involved in healing and repairing of heart and blood vessels and sleep reduces the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, blood pressure and stroke. Sleeping and relaxing the body will help the person wake up with more energy and a joyful and calm mood too.

Many so called health conscious people say that one must not sleep in afternoon; otherwise they’ll not be able to sleep at night. It is true to some extent but not entirely correct for all the people. It is the basic fundamental of every machine that if one want more work from it then surely extra rest and extra care is required. If that extra care and attention is not given to a machine, it will be surely going to collapse one day. This was just an example to understand that if a person is doing more of physical and mental work all day, then he or she needs proportionate rest too at the end of the day to release all the exertion of the day.

Experts say that 6-8 hours of sleep is required by the human body. But actually it is up to the person that how much he or she is tired, how much physical or mental exertion he or she is exposed to? It is purely a person’s own choice to sleep as per his awareness and benefits of sleep and his exertion from work.
The best way to sleep is either sleeping on the back with straight body and facing up towards the ceiling or sleeping towards the left side. Moreover sleeping towards the life side is considered good because it helps the body to clear intestinal waste from the brain and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.

So these were the benefits of taking rest and sleeping but still for the people who sleep a lot, there are disadvantages too. For people who are the least tired and sleep a lot (oversleeping basically) it can cause problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, increased pain and inflammation, cognitive impairment, impaired fertility, depression etc.

Therefore, one must take rest as per he or she takes work from his or her body and at the same time oversleeping and resting without doing anything will even cause severe problems.

So have adequate rest and work with full enthusiasm and energy.

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