Types of film certifications

Everyone might have been observed displaying a certificate before a film begins, either in theatre or CD. This means, the film makers display that certificate to everyone so that we can know the standards of that film. But how do those certificates tells us the standard and what do they actually implies? Let us see know.

These certificates are actually issued by the Central Board of Film Certifications. There are actually four types of film certifications issued by CBFC. The certificates are U, U/A, A and S. Let us know about each one of them clearly.


U certificate of CBFC means unrestricted public exhibition. This means public of any age group can watch the movie. The U certified films do not contain any pornographic content, too much violence, abuse etc. So these films are something like family entertainers, can be seen with whole family.

Some of the U certified movies are: Hum aapke hein koun, Bhag Milla Bhag etc.


U/A certificates mean parental guides for children under age 12. This means that the children with age below 12 shouldn’t watch those movies without their parents beside. These movies tend to contain some frightening scenes, little romantic scenes, usage of crude language, moderate abusive scenes, moderate violence. So, the CBFC recommends that the children under age 12 can watch these movies with their parents beside.

Some of the U/A certified movies are: Gajini, Bahubali, etc.


If a film is A certified then it means that film is restricted to adults i.e. nobody of age 18 and below are allowed to watch that movie. Thae films tend to have pornographic content, too much abuse, violence in peaks, crude language. So, these films are allowed to watch by the people who crossed 18 years as these people are considered as majors.

Some of the A certified films are: Kabir Singh, The Dirty Picture etc.


This is a special certificate and is rarely used. The S certified films are restricted to some special categories of people like engineers, doctors, scientists etc. So, if a film is S certified then it means that only engineers or doctors or scientists can watch that movie.

Initially there were only two certificates U and A. The U/A and S certificates were added in June 1983. The certificate will be provided within 64 days by the censor board members. The censor board members together discuss and decide the type of certificate to be given and this has to be done within 64 days of film’s submission to the board.

The films which include the topics of foreign countries are carefully watched by censor board and decide whether some of the scenes are to be excluded or not. Because, the relations with other nations should not get broken by films.

How do the certificates are given for foreign dubbed movies?

CBFC does not give any seperate certificate for dubbed films. The certificate will be same as the one distributed to the original film.

Hope this article provides you some basic information on film certifications.

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