Brain Drain – A National Crisis

 Many problems of an acute nature stare the development of developing countries in the face of modern times. One of them is brain drain. Although this pandemic has proven to be quite a beneficial solution to put a pause in the process. Not to forget this how this lockdown has also substantially caused to improve the environmental conditions. Except for the suffering humans, everything is getting benefitted. Thus nature is healing. 

  So, the concept of brain drain is defined as the substantial emigration or migration of individuals. Generally, such child prodigy’s most of whom are trained in different crafts in technologies & different science branches tend to show rising prosperity for better financial profit & prospect. Countless trained technicians, doctors, scientists & engineers leave their motherland in the greed of getting a good life. One reason for brain drain could be turmoil within a nation. 

 Such things severely affect countries that are on the verge of development. Training up these talented students with a great cost, who ultimately face a huge loss by the end, as these students mostly migrate to the USA or UK for higher education. 

 Further discussing there happen to be 3 different categories of brain-draining as mentioned below:

 ‌Geographical Brain Drain– This refers to the emigration of individuals of high-skills and high-brilliance to other nations. This also creates a negative impact on the home country’s economic development.

 ‌Organizational Brain Drain – This refers to the departure of individuals of skill, talent, and experience from one organization to another.

 ‌Industrial Brain Drain – This type involves the migration of skillful workers from one industry to another.

 South Asia experiences a tremendous amount of emigration of talent. Furthermore, this trend is continuously rising with years passing by. Most noteworthy, there is a lot of demand for South Asian skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor in the Gulf. Moreover, other favorite work locations for South Asians include Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

  Several reasons are responsible for the cause. Just for instance lack of suitable job opportunities. Besides these developing countries are hopelessly lacking in furnishing facilities for advanced research. On the contrary, the developed countries offer sufficient channels for research & well-objectified jobs with lucrative salaries. It is the need of the hour, for students need to develop a sense of gratitude & patriotism for their homeland that spends so much for their upbringing, training & education. 

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