Don’t let yourself to be driven by Social Media

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali Foundation
In collaboration with
Educational News

In the present day times, where the social media has entered the lives of the people so deeply, it becomes very important for an individual to must check that what they are watching whether it is correct on not and whether it is beneficial or harmful for them.

Each day hundreds of messages and news come to a person having an android phone through social media. There are silly forwarded messages some spreading hate and some spreading terror. On the other hand, some messages will literally cry to get forwarded to be at least 15 to 30 people, then only the wish of the person(who’ll be sending the messages) will come true and something good will happen. Whereas, some messages, will give compel you to forward the message, as you love your family and friends. These days social media has become an ultimate way to transfer the garbage of someone’s brain into your brain and ultimately ruin your day and your lovely mood.

Sometimes, when one opens chrome there are some suggestive news below the search button. In the name of providing similar relatable news as per the liking of the user, the browsers have made it so monotonous. Vital news which is itself so important for the nation and its subjects, it is generally not shown to the people. One has to spend hours searching and scrolling for the news which is important.

Not only offline, but there are some online newspapers being read by most of the population, which actually don’t post the exact news describing the situation but there are again changes into the real news in the name of editing and freedom of expression. And in this mean process, the gist of the news gets lost and the news becomes something totally different. For instance it’s like a Gulaab Jamun with no sugar in it at all. And when that happens, it is not Gulaab Jamun at all. But a person who doesn’t knows about the absence of sugar in it, will consume it assuming it to be normal Gulaab Jamun and at a later stage the person will be able to know that what he consumed was not a proper Gulaab Jamun.

The author after this sweet example believes that it must be clear that whatever is being published is not the same as the actual thing. Let’s move further a bit more to realize that how social media controls the life of a person.

There are a number of posts on social networking sites making a particular religion and group of people so naïve, so innocent that all the torture is being done by the entire nation on that community, that religion. But the truth is all well known to the subjects of the nation. To the people who entirely believe the news shown through social media, it is harmful for them because they will carry a bad image for a particular community. In the name Secularism, people are taking the nation and its ethics for granted and spread hate between the citizens of the country.

And also there are some particular slangs being used for the people LGBTQ community and are used without any hitch in social media by silly people for creating a bad image in the minds of the people of the Nation. The opportunists make their way by utilizing different opportunities for crying out their so called pain and for a better reach; they use social media and pollute it.

And also the present government too is responsible for such a situation when so called foreign websites and apps are just crushing the dreams of the youth, the future of the nation. The easy availability of porn and other related materials is actually a very big threat for the nation’s future. It is a full planned mechanism to destroy the youth (the future of the nation) and the force on the borders (the present of the nation).

The readers are expected to distinguish and watch only that news which is important in the growth of the nation. Take good messages and news into the brain. Don’t let any person sitting miles away to make a fool out of you and choose what is important for you and for the mankind.

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