YouTube Play Buttons Explained

YouTube, gives awards irrespective of the category of the video, for the youtubers who hit the subscribers count set by youtube. These awards are officially called YouTube play buttons. Let us see the types of YouTube play buttons given by YouTube.

There are 5 types of YouTube play buttons. These play buttons vary with the subscribers count.The YouTube who hit subscribers count need to apply in YouTube forum. Then, YouTube sends them a code along with a link. Youtuber need to paste that code in the given link. The same process happens for every play button. YouTube never charges fee for applying for play buttons. YouTube play button will sent to you py post with no charge. Let us see the margin of the subscribers count and play button awardee by hitting that margin.

Silver Play Button

Silver play button is awarded to the youtubers who hit 100k subscribers.

Gold play button

Gold play button is awarded to the youtubers Diamondwho hit 1 Million subscribers. It is made of gold-plated brass

Diamond play button

Diamond play button is awarded to the youtubers who hit 10 Million subscribers. It is made of silver-plated metal inset with a large piece of colorless crystal in the shape of a play button triangle. There are 653 channels that have reached this level as of June 2020.

Custom play button

Custom play button is awarded to the youtubers who hit 50 Million subscribers. Most of them call this award as Ruby Play Button but, it’s official name is Custom play button. PewDiePie, who was the first youtuber to receive Custom play button had nicknamed it as Ruby play button. But, it is officially called Custom Play Button. The name is custom play button because when a youtuber hits 50M subscribers then the play button will be customised exactly as the logo of that channel. There are 13 channels that are qualified for this award till now. Those are: PewDiePie, T-series and there are 11 more channels which qualified for this award but not been publicly confirmed yet.

Custom play button given for PewDiePie is

Red Diamond play button

It is awarded for those youtubers who hit 100M Subscribers. It features a play button triangle with a large dark red crystal. The only two channels that received this award are PewDiePie (August 25, 2019) and T-series (May 29, 2019).

Benifit Levels

These levels do not include physical and announcement awards but offer alternative benefits instead:

1.Graphite, for channels that hit or cross 100 subscribers. It allows a creator to have a custom username and URL such as instead of a random string of letters.

2.Opal, for channels that hit or cross 1,000 subscribers. It is also one of three requirements to apply to the YouTube Partner Program for monetization, the other two being a minimum of 4,000 total viewer watch hours in the past 12 months and a review of the channel’s content to determine eligibility. Channels with monetization can also enable Super Chat, while gaming channels can also enable channel membership.

3.Bronze, for channels that hit or cross 10,000 subscribers. If a channel is monetized, this level adds a Teespring monetization option.

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