Beauty of Bhangarh Fort

Located at the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of RajasthanBhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort, famous all over India for being the ‘Most haunted site in India’. Because of the various ghostly encounters and incidents in the fort premises, communities have sprung up far distant from the fort, due to the fear of whatever lies inside. Even the Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI has blocked the locals and sightseers from entering the fort at nighttime. Several legends have attested to the paranormal happenings inside the fort.

The first myth claims that a king called Madho Singh built the Bhangarh fort after getting due approval from a hermit called Bala Nath who lived there; having accepted to a condition which stated that the umbra of the fort must never descend upon the house of the hermit. But as destiny would have it, one of the aspiring heirs of Madho Singh affixed to the walls vertically, thereby creating its looming obscuration to cover the dwelling of the hermit, cursed the fort after the huge construction and its shadow overpowered his home. The fort was doomed within no time. The alleged prophecy stood fulfilled, and the Bhangarh Fort became haunted.

Another myth tells of a black sorcerer or wicked saint who fell in love with a princess from the fort town and tried to use a love potion to win her heart. However, the princess detected suspicion and hindered the entire plot of the black magician by throwing the potion onto a boulder, which then rolled down toward the magician, physically crumpling him. Before taking his last breath, he cursed the fort, declaring it would end up in a quandary in which no one could endure—as it is today.

No one is permitted to enter the fort after sunset or before sunrise. The complete panorama is subsumed by a covering of gloom and a chilling emptiness once the last ray of daylight bids adieu until the next morning. There are several local stories about the paranormal activities in the fort. It depends on a person whether he should believe it or not. It is said that the apparitions wander in Bhangarh Fort at night and various unusual sounds are detected. Also, as it is said, anyone who enters the fort at nightfall would not be able to return in the morning. People perpetually sense as if their actions are being observed, and the air is filled with a dizzying burden. A board put up by the Archaeological Survey of India warns the visitors not to venture inside the premises of the fort during the dark hours.

On the bright side the fort is decently maintained, for the most section, Bhangarh’s remains today hold different noble constructions, including several temples, public chambers, and the royal palace. Upon entry, visitants will flounder into a variety of temples, including a Hanuman temple, a Ganesh temple, and a Someshwar temple. These constructions, embellished with elaborate carvings and statues, are reasons that Bhangarh is worth touring for not just the spooks.

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