Start saying YES whenever an opportunity knocks your door

Article by – Shishir Tripathi
Intern at Hariyali Foundation
In collaboration with
Educational News

In life everyone has their own story, their own personal experiences. Some people are so happy with the life they are living or they’ve lived whereas some other people regret at the end about the things that they should’ve done or talks they should’ve said. But it always gets so late, whenever an individual realizes that he must go for it.

Life is simply a collection of opportunities and experiences. Each day, each person has got one more chance to do it, but people basically fall short of their confidence and say No whenever they’ve got the chance to do something different, something unique.

People always get a chance to prove them in either academics or sports. People always get a chance to start their hobbies and pursue their interests. People always have a chance to get their dream profession as their career or chose their passion. People always have the chance to prove their beloved, how they love them. People always have chance to return back to their good old days. It is entirely dependent upon the person that whether he is able to identify the chance or he/she really wants themselves to be the better versions of their selves.

People say that they’re not able to do it because they were never given a chance. But actually, life offered them chance but they were never able to recognize it.

In life, everyone gets the same time and yes almost similar opportunities to prove themselves. Some people are never able to realize that they have got a chance or they got opportunities in past too. Most of the people couldn’t distinguish opportunities. They always lose them either by not recognizing them or saying no whenever an opportunity knocks at the door. They want to stay in their safe and comfortable zone and don’t want to exit it even when something so good knocks their door. Point to be paid emphasis here is that even life events which can damage to our respect, dignity and cause ourselves to get in trouble are sometimes mistaken as opportunities which are needed to be grabbed.

Readers are hereby advised that by keeping their eyes and ears open in true sense and allowing the brain and giving it time to analyze that whichever opportunity is there at their door, is really important for them and will contribute towards their growth. It must be analyzed by an individual that whether the opportunity will cause any type of trouble to him or the opportunity which is right at their door is the one which they’ve always been waiting for or will it take them to their desired destination.

Examples of strong and influential personalities from different fields should be considered as an inspiration for grabbing opportunities at the right time i.e., whenever they knocked their door. Whenever a person is given chance in life to prove himself, to test his limits, to explore his talents, he / she must stay calm and eager to learn and explore and accept the opportunity thankfully and bravely.

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A chance to learn something good or change one’s own self should never get wasted because of a bad mood or bad day at work, or at home”.

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