Adopt, Not Shop: Why It Is The Better Way

Most of us, at one point of time or another, have dreamt of having a pet. And amongst them, dogs have a soft place in the heart of the majority. And why not? They are the sweetest creatures you can ever come across, extremely loyal and are very unique companions. Apart from being cuddly and best at making puppy eyes (no pun intended! ), that is. So, when we think of bringing a furry friend home, we often think that they come with a hefty amount. But now times are changing. People are realising the worth of adopting. And if by any chance anyone reading this is planning to get a furry friend, I’ll try to put my point forward that why we should ‘Adopt, Not Shop’.

Adopting a dog gives a chance to a good life for two dogs. One is to your pet, who might have had faced something traumatic in life, and is in need of love and understanding. In such cases, the bonding between the owner and the pet is much stronger. As for the other one, adopting one dog opens up the slot for another one. So, one more rescued dog would have better facilities, better environment to develop and will have better access to the opportunity to be adopted by another good Samaritan. It is a kind of an endless chain of goodwill and love.

Another advantage of adopting over shopping is that they are really cheap in comparison to the market prices. And at the same time, there is a full blown possibility of you finding your one true loved breed amongst the less fortunate ones. With love and care, each pup blooms out to be a gorgeous dog, adopted or otherwise. Also, all the money that was to go in purchasing the dog can be used instead for the costs of food and grooming. Maybe give your furry friend a good spa day!

Another point to note is that the pet you purchase from a breeder or from a shop is most likely to be a puppy. Now no offense to the puppy lovers, but let’s agree on one thing, it’s hard to train the younglings. A puppy is no different. With the usual care that a pet deserves, they also require extra attention and training. Not an affordable thing to do for many people. INstead, if an older dog is adopted, they already have an understanding of how things work and can also be left alone for a longer period of time (not that everyone wants to do that).

And lastly, you would be standing against an inhuman practice. Of dog breeding. Though not in the mainstream media, but in recent times, the pathetic conditions of this industry has come forward, where the female dogs are treated as nothing more than a birth machine. Often, the living and food standards are very bad. All and all, this is an inhumane way to fulfill and keep up with the market demand. The scene is the same for the specialized dog breeders. All in all, the dogs are treated more with a materialistic approach rather than considering them beings with emotions.

Adopting requires just some research and patience. That goes into the shopping way too. And at the end of the day, they all are the same lovable companion we crave and can cuddle with!

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