Myths about Birthmarks.

Birthmarks have significance both good and bad; as a result, they are inferred both as Angel kisses and Marks of the Devil. It seems like these marks have several interpretations influenced by cultural beliefs, color, size and location on our body like every other thing around us. Some of them being extremely weird and insidious.

Where a few believe them to be lucky omens; throughout history, birthmarks were feared by superstitious, paranoid and religious fanatics.

80% of the human beings are born with random markings on their body known to be Birthmarks. These are found in different shapes and sizes, in various parts of our body.

One of the more common birthmark myth is that birthmarks on babies during birth are a reflection of either their mothers’ food consumption or food craving when pregnant.

“If you eat many strawberries during your pregnancy, your baby may be born with a strawberry mark.” – infantile haemangioma birthmark myth

These are said to be reflected in the shape and colour of the birthmark. For example, an infantile haemangioma, which is a bright red lump made up of a group of blood vessels that grow together, is often said to be a reflection of the baby’s mother eating strawberries during pregnancy.

In Japan, it is a common practice for pregnant women to be forbidden to look at fire or to look into flames. It is said that doing this will cause a “burn mark” on her baby’s skin.
Also, if a pregnant mother is startled and touches her face, the baby’s blood vessels would also get startled and all gather at the exact same spot the mother has touched, causing a vascular birthmark to form.

This is a very popular belief worldwide, particularly that birthmarks are a sign of how a person died in his or her past life before being reincarnated.
The position, shape and colour of the birthmarks are often used to connect them with fatal wounds, like sharp marks indicating stab wounds, circular marks indicating bullet shots, and flame or burn-like marks indicating death by fire.

According to Chinese culture, if you have a birthmark on your right foot, it means you are adventurous, and if it’s on your left foot, you are extremely intelligent. If you have a birthmark on your tummy, it means that you are greedy!

In the 17th to 19th centuries, birthmarks were used as proof of royal blood
Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, was considered a witch because of the strawberry mark on her neck

It is believed that location of the birthmark on a child can pinpoint its different character traits. A mark on the right hand denotes success and prosperity where one on the left indicates poverty and lack. One on the abdomen signifies hunger. A birthmark on the back says that the person is open-minded.

The Iranian lore says that if a pregnant woman touches her belly during a solar eclipse, consequently her baby will be born with a birthmark.

A lot more interpretations are covering almost all the body parts, yet no one knows if these analyses hold true. These superstitions are unproven, and there still are numerous individuals with similar marks on similar locations with different traits.

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