Development & Displacement

Development is the slogan of the day not only in developed countries but also for the developing countries of the world now. All governmental & state organizations are now rushing for introducing & installing industries, better roads, long fly-overs & many other civilized requisites.
But proper lands are required to execute & materialize these means & ways of development. These cannot be grown in the sky. So lands are acquired to start industries, erect stalls, or make high roads & flyovers.
On many occasions, this development is executed by acquiring fertile lands of the poor farmer or the lands where many houses & homelands had been built & human habitations are displaced from their age-old shelters & professions with penury and starvation staring at them.
Thoughtless destruction of forests in Kalahandi in Orrisa & plundering them for the sake of development displaced the local inhabitants, deprived them of their livelihood, and put them to starvation, hunger & ultimate migration. The construction of the Narmada dam to provide irrigation to dry areas of Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra has rendered many thousands of the local people homeless without their consent and proper compensation.

Displacement in the name of development may sometimes be needed. Displacement is worse and undesirable. The former is the narrow way to progress, but the latter is certainly a broad road to death. There must be a balance between development and its resulting displacement. It may be done by proper preplanning and proper rehabilitation of the displacement. The potential risks of displacement involve landlessness, joblessness, homelessness, marginalization, food insecurity, increased morbidity and mortality, loss of access to common property
   This is a social problem affecting multiple levels of human organization, from tribal and village communities to well-developed urban areas. The main potential risks of displacement, landlessness, joblessness, homelessness, marginalization, food insecurity, increased morbidity and mortality & loss of access to common property. 

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