Your time is not passing!? Here are some Web series for you!

We all know ow how everyone go mad at web series and that too in lockdown where there is no work to do, our time obviously doesn’t pass. Here are some web series, which became very popular. This would be a li ely timepass for everyone.

On the wings of love

This is a Filipino web series. The cast in On The Wings Of Love are James Reid and Nadine Lustre. This is a love story with including family sentiments. In this web series both the hero and heroine will have mother sentiment and they both are very responsible towards their family. They know that they love each other but cannot admit that due to some family reasons. Do their live remains like that, will they go apart or stay together is the story. There is superb and lovely chemistry between hero and heroine. Actually, this is not web series, this is a Filipino TV Series. This web series is available in YouTube. You will definitely enjoy and involve with their emotion.

Till I met you

This is a Filipino web series. The cast in Till I Met You are James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Here, the families of hero and heroine will have some issues. Hero is a photographer and heroine is a event manager. Unfortunately, they both fall in love. However, they both will get married after facing lot of struggles to make their families happy for their marriage. But, they also face lot and lot of problems in their married life. Both of their thoughts will be opposite. The hero is a bit emotional, heroine is a bit practical. Did they breakup their relationship or proved their relationship? You have to watch the series to know this. This series is available on YouTube.

Put your head on my shoulder

This is a Chinese web series. Here the hero is a perfect student we can give him Mr. Perfect title. The girl is little emotional. The girl will be looking for an internship in advertising industry and the boy will be in a research. There will be a common friend for them. One day, they gotta meet and they’ll come to know that they are relatives. The girl’s mother will have a good impression on the boy and will be looking forward to make him as her son-in-law. The same impression will be on that girl also for boy’s parents also. One day, they come to know that they have to stay in same flat!! And the things change after that. Do watch this, very beautiful, emotional and romantic live story. This series is available on YouTube.

Boy for rent

Yes! In this series, there will be a company that give boys for rent. We will have two couples, but at the end of the series, the girls for the boys will be interchanged. What is the role of “Boy for rent” In this? Watch the series and know!! This is a little emotional, romantic series. This series is available on YouTube.

My little princess

As the title says, we will have a princess in the series. There will be a big hidden story behind her princess status which brings her lot of troubles in her love life and in her family life. The story of her overcoming those troubles is very emotional. This series is available on YouTube.

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