The earthquake is one of the most dreadful natural calamities mankind has ever seen, while other being cyclones, tsunami & floods. The most recurring of all-natural calamities over the world. It is far more destructive than flood & storm. In the past, people believed that the earthquake happened when Vasuki shifted the earth from one good to another.

A better-fabricated story states that a huge giant, carried the earth on his shoulder shifted the earth to another shoulder out of exhaustion & it resulted in an earthquake. But Science doesn’t believe in such ideas. The scientific version of the cause of the earthquake is a sudden contraction, as the result of cooling of hot matters inside the earth. As a result of this sudden contraction, the upper part of the soil of the affected part gets loose & is torn apart. It results in deep cracks and landslides. The bases of houses, whether they are concrete buildings or any other type of houses are badly affected. Sometimes these houses collapse. There are some earthquake-prone areas on earth. Japan, China, the Himalayan range of India, Kutch, Assam, Iran & Turkey are some of them. Japan is highly earthquake-prone country. So most of the houses here are made of light wood.

The intensity of an earthquake is measured with an instrument named with am instrument named Seismograph. Its units of measurement are indicated by the Richter Scale. A quake measuring above life and properties. The source of the tremor is known as the epicenter of the earthquake. There are three types of tremors called minor, major & very major.

In different countries, researches are being carried on in order to predict and prevent the occasion of an earthquake. In India, the National Geographical Research Institute is carrying on such work. In some cases, scientists have succeeded in earthquakes. So it can prevent a huge loss of lives and properties. Like most other natural calamities, an earthquake can not be prevented. It can be predicted. This suitable measures should be taken individually during the calamity hit. Like avoid staying indoors, rather rush to the open grounds for preventing mishaps. Also it is the need of the hour that students in schools need to be taught about disaster management for inculcating skills & knowledge during such disasters in these budding minds.