Maintain Curiosity…

It was about 6 decades ago. The editor of Life magazine went with his young son to take an interview with Albert Einstein, a great science legend. During this interview, Albert Einstein said to him “The most important thing is not to stop questioning”. The existence of curiosity has special importance in itself.

There is definitely some reason for this. Continuity of life, understanding the mysteries related to it, knowing about them, knowing deeply about the reality of life is very wonderful and amazing. If a person understands or tries to know this secret even a little every day, then this is enough. Never leave curiosity, even understanding this saying by Einstein, everyone must keep a stock of curiosity in their brain. It is the world of knowledge and the vigour of scientific inquiry that is responsible for involving the questions.

It is a reason to know the purpose of life. What you do is very important. But it is also a hundred times more important why you do it. What do you do? When you start thinking about this, then you start learning.

You sow a change in your environment. New Technology, Automation, Artificial Intelligence. All this is the result of human curiosity. When you miss an opportunity to ask a serious question, then along with that you also miss the opportunity to create a new world and imagine a new life. So try to maintain the desire and curiosity to ask questions in your mind.