Experience of a 2020 Graduate

Every year when we passed a class, be it Kindergarten, 4th grade or 10th grade, we feel like we’ve grown and moved onto bigger things in life. Our teachers always made us feel like a wiser, more responsible person every time we moved up a class. When we graduated from school, a deep sorrow along with excitement for experiencing college life filled us. Passing the 12th grade is the ultimate goodbye from our friends and family, our teachers, the school we’ve been in for years, and the city we grew up in. Never did our previous years’ graduates were stuck in a limbo, out of school but not in a college. A long gap with nothing to do in it, no motivation and no goal. 

Every day of 11th and 12th, we heard our teachers and parents tell us the importance of the stream we choose and the things we learn in the duration of these two years. The final year of school, 12th grade is the most important year of the entire school life in terms of both academics and fun. 

From the very first day of 12th, we are told to study hard as it will play a great role in determining the college we get into and the career we choose. Even though it is the last year of school life, our focus remains more on our marks, completion of our syllabus, multiple coaching or tuition classes, and comparing our score to others. We forget to spend some of our time doing what we’ll actually miss and remember, hanging out with friends, extracurricular activities, going to the canteen, roaming around in the school, and so much more. 

The 2020 graduates have had the worst farewell or introduction into college. Some of us couldn’t even give the exams we had prepared for with all our might. When we were done with our exams, there was a long waiting period. All of the plans, going on a trip, having the time of our lives, were unsuccessful as we couldn’t even leave our houses. 

Having spent the last seven months in isolation, with uncertainty about our future, has really affected our mental health. Those who have taken admission into colleges have to adapt themselves to online college life with many hours spent in front of their laptops. Those who have not yet taken admission are also under a lot of stress as they are wasting away the important time of their life.

Competitive exams such as NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test), JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), et cetera were postponed which severely stressed out the ones who had been preparing for these exams for the past two years. 

The results were delayed and the admission processes in some colleges have still not begun which is making the graduates anxious. This is in stark contrast to all the previous years’ experience which was full of joy and excitement, not stress and anxiety. 

Hopefully, everything will be back to as it was before!

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