I’m not being sexist but this concept of self love must have been introduced by women, because when I see men, I don’t find these type of words really exist for them. And see now it’s like in the air. Actually, men get inspired by women but they don’t accept because of male ego or whatever. But,  action speaks more then words, na!

Hello there, how was your day? Don’t get me wrong but I’m asking you to ask yourself this question everyday before the day gets over. It is also a kind of self love, and when you will be able to answer this question to yourself in a very elaborating manner then you will start getting yourself better. In starting it can be little fussy but as the time passes you will learn it’s importance and will also able to see it’s impact on you.

Now a days, people thinks that everything a particular person do, should also be able to defend there own doing in the world. Like, if I’m doing something which is even though not good for me or the society, but, to save me from everyone else i should be able to defend my doing. And this is bullshit. Soon you will start doing whatever you want no matter it’s good or bad when you are ready to defend it. This is not self loving, it is self manipulation. And there’s a huge difference between them.

Self love is like accepting yourself, your own habits with its flaws. It is never to defend your flaws. If you keep defending you flaws you will be heading towards wrong way. You can never be someone who can be admired in the same society where you are trying to be cool and loveable just by putting yourself as priority.

Knowing yourself means accepting and evolving yourself. The better you know your flaws is the better you get with it. I Don’t say that defending yourself from the outer world is not good but everytime is not good. It’s always you who knows the real intention behind doing any work. So, if you keep your good intentions it will be you get benefits of it and if you are not then it will also be you who will face the conciquences.

So, try to improvise yourself by facing the real you in personal because that’s what self love means.

See yaa..