Heart breaking gang rape in Delhi again- Victim dies

We all know how nirbhaya was gang raped in Delhi, the culprits were recently hanged. And now within no time the nirbhaya culprits were hanged, there is a gang rape again in Delhi. Manisha valmiki, the victim, 19 years old girl died on 29 September 2020.

The incident took place on September 14. she was working in a field along with her mother and brother, plucking grass. Her brother returned home with a bundle of grass while she remained in the field with her mother.

The mother and daughter were at some distance in the field. The mother realised after some time that the victim was missing. She went looking for her and found her in an unconscious state.There were four to five people who attacked her from behind, gagged her with her dupatta and dragged her to a bajra field where they gangraped her. The family believes the attack was planned; the same men had beaten up members of the family earlier.

The victim was earlier admitted to the JN Medical College and Hospital in Aligarh. The doctors at the hospital had termed her condition “critical”.

The victim had her tongue cut and She had three of her neck bones broken indicating an attempt to make her silent by the attackers. The family has said that they requested the police to shift her to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi as her condition was extremely critical. But the police shifted her to the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, the family complained. The family said the victim had difficulty in breathing due to broken bones and needed oxygen from the beginning. But the police responded to her health condition after a delay of four-five days, the family has alleged. Victim’s brother said “They had raped her. The police did not help us initially… they did not take quick action. They acted only after four-five days,” he said, accusing the police of reacting only after public outrage.

The police initially registered an attempted murder case but added rape charges only after the woman’s formal statement.

Police have denied the charge, saying they were pro-active in responding to the incident of crime. They cite the arrest of accused, namely Sandip Ramu, Lavkush and Ravi for the crime as evidence of their swift action.

The 19-year-old died in the hospital on 29th September 2020. Her family blamed the police inaction and lack of support.

The Bhim Army supporters blocked roads in Uttar Pradesh for hours. A local political outfit, Azad Samaj Party, held a demonstration in Aligarh alleging dilly-dallying on part of the administration in making the arrests and shifting the victim to a better healthcare facility in New Delhi. CM Adityanath’s predecessor and the SP president Akhilesh Yadav said the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has become “insensitive” leaving no hope for the people. Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, the BSP chief, demanded that the case be heard by a fast track court. She also sought “all possible support” to the victim’s family.

Some hashtags in social media, some bundhs some RIP messages don’t do justice for the girl. The only way to make justice for the girl is hanging those culprits.

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