Book Review:- Good to Great

Experts say that books are portable magic. They’d transform you from an ordinary, demotivated soul to an extravagant fighter.

Books are a sanctuary for every individual with a spontaneous imagination; they are friends in the loneliest of times and they are teachers.

They are proof that time travel does exist because a book enables the voice of the writer to escape the shackles of time and speak out to the reader through its pages.

1. Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap…and others don’t


This book is definitely one of the best books to read, known to open doors for those who are struggling to make the leap and add a little extra to their ordinary and become extraordinary; it has proven to generate a lot of revenue.

This book has been written and based on a lot of research and carries careful evaluations.

The author of “Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap … and others don’t”, Jim Collins, was very curious about the factors that make a company sustainable. Good to Great has been constructed on the basis of his hard work and the results of his findings; which makes the book all the more amazing.

The book enabled six companies to take the leap from good to great! The book includes the six ingredients that the transit from good to great require. They are bound to change your life.

Want to know what the book is all about?

It is based on the best Management strategies out there!

“Some of the key concepts discerned in the study,” comments Jim Collins, “fly in the face of our modern business culture and will, quite frankly, upset some people.”


Perry Leon talked about the influence the book had on her life while writing her Campaign Blog and talked about how she would rate it as probably the top three business books of all times.

She went to reply to a question about what she had taken from the book, “I took from it that you should focus on key competencies and not get distracted by the other stuff.”

She rates it as one of the top books of all time and goes on to say that it should be included in every piece written on business books and self-help books because it has really helped her.


Helps you deal with people from corporate world

Motivate entrepreneurs towards valid conversation.

Covers a broad spectrum of management practices


Does not cover anything other than management

Too long to read the same content over and over
Slight theoretical; less motivational

Have a look and share your views on my review.

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