Don’t let that kid die inside you, please.

I know you must be thinking about abortion or something related to parenting thing, but, no. Don’t get yourself wrong, as we say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” the same applies here, don’t judge a blog by its title. Then why title is there, huh!

Hello fellows, don’t be so rude that I called you a fellow. I called you because you didn’t even tried to think what title is saying about. There’s a kid in every one, in every gender, in every person. Some of them just forgot about it like time forces them to forget. No! Time always take test, but, how to pass it and how to live after passing the test is always on you. You planned to forget that kid for sake of your future. So, did you got that future?? I guess not, then atleast have one thing for life time.

You are also aware of it that keep the child alive will always keep you interesting, creative and more importantly happy. And do you know why I added happy in the last, because that’s true. Happiness comes from the mysterious ways. And a child can only enjoy that other wise you may have seen an adult asking questions from where this happiness arrived.

There’s one more reason why I ask you keep that child alive, it is because I personally think that child represent your whole life. That child remains in you from starting till end of your life. No Matter how hard your life gets or how strong you become, if you couldn’t save that kid inside you. You technically failed in this life.

So, think and start saving that child inside you.

See yaa..