Smile, because??

No matter what life you are living, where you are living, how you are living..
Try to keep that smile on you, not because it make you look good and neither because everybody ask for it..
But, try it as a trick which works on every situation.. Note, that when some one leave you, it’s obvious that you are gonna cry, maybe not infront of them but you will.. at that Moment try this trick or at this moment smile because there are many more about to come or already arrived, who will leave you.

So smile man! Because it is just a trick. That’s it. No more Hopes from smile because it is just a trick. And that’s it.

P.S:- You know a moment where you are throwing your hands and legs at your desired place to get some.. yeah! There’s two possibility of it, either you are gonna get that or your legs are going to feel some pain or probably getting hit by something. And at that particular moment, just smile because it’s a trick and nothing else. The pain is still there, eyes are still wet, invisible tears are still Rolling out, and yet you smile.. what a beautiful scene it will be or it is..
So, remember people, smile Because ___________._______. yeah! You got it.

See yaa..

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