The War that divided the world

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No, I am not talking about the World Wars. I am talking about a war where actually no was ever fought, a bullet fired or a war bell rung. I am talking about the COLD WAR, a war that lasted more that the two world wars combined. This war was a period of geopolitical conflicts and ideological battles. It became as to who were more powerful militarily and economically. This war divides the world into two distinct blocs and there was a constant threat of war even after the horrors of the world war was over.

Basically, it was more of an ideological conflict. The Americans believed in FREE market system and capitalism. They allowed private ownership and accumulation of wealth and profit. There was always competition with the rich getting richer.

On the other hand, USSR or Union of Soviet Socialists Republics believed in Karl Marx’s theory of communism and collective ownership. All the wealth of the nation is to be collectively owned and shared. It even had the ideal of a stateless society where all are equal.

Clearly, both of these are extreme ideologies with little respect to be in the middle ground. And this became the cause of the war. Both of them viewed the other as an enemy and a threat to their state. They started expanding their influence to their neighboring states. They had almost fanatic ideas that the other will take over the world. So by hook or crook, they started defending their ideas and values.

But mostly, a was never fought between them. There was immense stockpiling of weapons as a precautionary move. USA and USSR started to influence the other countries by providing them with monetary aids. The Cold War even went to this extent where even the same country as divided up into two halves. For example, Korea, Vietnam and Germany. There was a display of stark contrast between these two halves.

But it does not mean that no life was killed. Extremely polarized wars took place at the battles of Korea an Vietnam. The worst policy to ever be criticized was that USA and USSR both purposely helped one half of the same country. While USA helped South Korea, USSR helped only North Korea. There was no effort from anyone to resolve the war but prove their superiority. Countless people have been killed in the wars.

Another horrific war that occurred was the Vietnam War. Almost a million of American soldiers were deployed in this war. Even the American public opinion were against the war but consecutive American Presidents were determined to win the war. Even the United Nations or the UN could not take any steps to promote world peace. The other newly independent states of Asia and Africa were cautious about engaging in such decisive politics.

Eventually, this war fizzled out in the 90’s when the state of USSR collapsed. After that the world witnessed the rise of unipolar USA practically taking the reins of the entire world. It severely dominated world affairs to look after its own interest, to what is referred to as Unilateralism.

The Cold War surely disturbed world harmony. This conflict showed that how even ideologies can become such rigid and intolerant. We must live together peacefully and support everyone to become the best version of oneself rather than being engaged in this ‘ego war.’

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