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The Hiroshima Day

people across the world – may it be Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, American, Russian, Israeli or North Korean(if they could read this) would agree that the rhetoric of a nuclear warfare is so blatant in these societies that a bunch of stupid people in the government can lead to a humanitarian and environmental crisis unprecedented in history.
The Hiroshima Day is a reminder of the powers of nature that man has been able to harness and the fact that these powers mean only more responsible behaviour is needed in all of us.

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The War that divided the world

No, I am not talking about the World Wars. I am talking about a war where actually no was ever fought, a bullet fired or a war bell rung. I am talking about the COLD WAR, a war that lasted more that the two world wars combined. This war was […]

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What World would be Like Without Wars!!!

The past years saw a series of devastating natural disasters, continuing terror attacks and conflict, and the threat of virulent new diseases. These issues affect every one of us with no respect for political or geographical borders; they are perhaps an integral aspect of globalisation. But the most effective search […]

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