Unemployment in India

Unemployment means the state of being without any opportunity of earning one’s livelihood. The industrial civilisation has greatly increased the wants of man and opened up many new opportunities for employment. The rapid increase of population has worsened the situation. This is why the problem of unemployment has been getting more and more acute every year.

The evil effect of unemployment is not confined to the economic field only. It destroys the sense of moral values and leads to undesirable activities from a feeling of despair and anger. A society so infected can never prosper in the world. This is why every civilized government looks upon removal of unemployment as one of its primary duties.

The Government of India have already taken in hand various development projects and started many big industries in the public sector. They are also helping Industries in private sector and encouraging cottage and Small-scale industries. All these have given employment, direct and indirect, to a good number of people; still the number of men yet unemployment is alarmingly large and the rapid increase of population has been adding to the difficulty to the situation. This increase has to be checked by family planning; but the general body of our people are yet too ignorant to take advantage of this.

The dynamism of labor in India is very low. Because of family loyalty, people usually avoid moving to remote areas of work. Elements such as the diversity of languages, religions, and customs also contribute to less mobility. Low mobility leads to greater unemployment.Lack of infrastructure like roads, electricity, telecommunication, highways, irrigation facilities in agriculture. Inadequate availability of infrastructure is a major hurdle in creating productive employment opportuniti

The government imposed a lockdown to get relief from the epidemic but it affected economic and commercial activities and resulted in job losses and later the migration of migrant workers started which shook the whole country.

The quality of Indian education needs to be improved. The government should select a committee to oversee schools and universities. The syllabus taught has not been of any use to the industry so the teachings should be in line with the current requirements of the industry. Practical knowledge should be given before finishing studies.

Development of the rural areas will stop the migration of the rural people to the urban cities and this will not put more pressure on the urban city jobs.Government should allow more foreign companies to open their unit in India, so that more employment opportunities will be available.

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