Procrastination -A failure

Procrastination can stop your growth

Procrastinate now and panic later






It’s Saturday evening and you are working furiously on a task which you have to complete before seven (deadline )and started cursing yourself for not starting it sooner.

Does it sound familiar? So ,why did this happened?

May be you wasted your time in the tea break watching TV and other stuff delayed your tasks and postpone it for later.

You are not alone many people are facing this problem nowdays. We give time to another things instead of doing the things which is important and avoid it and postponed it for later and at last we are not able to succeed in the task which was given to us.
Do you know, why this happened? Is it only a coincidence? No you procrastinate from the task which you had given and ignore it.
Being procrastinate is also a failure it usually happens because of lack of motivation and fear of failure .
Procrastination makes us lazy and we never achieve our goal .We get afraid before trying anything and ended up with no results. It is a wastage of time and time is the most important in a person life like how effectively they utilize the time they have .

If we keep procrastinating so we will never achieve our goal ‘it has nothing to do with time management’, without even a start we give up .Procrastination is self defeating behavior we avoid the tasks and put them off we do not believe and enjoy them and avoid to make ourself unhappy and have a fear of failure but doing this will never help us in self development if we keep delaying or postponing our tasks at last we only received disappointments by ourself. Only avoiding things will never help us out so just starts enjoy your work from now on things take time if we get afraid without trying so it will never help us out and we  can’t run from that  just let go of our fear .So,  just start from now either its’ Now or never ‘don’t procrastinate and run from the things which is important to you. Psychology  says to overcome from procrastination is

▶get rid of catastrophizing

▶focus on your ”why”.

▶self believe

▶dont make excuses


Try to start the task as soon as possible for better results.
Start believing in yourself and make to overcome from procrastination successfully, you need to figure out why you procrastinate & how your procrastination is preventing from achieving your goal ,so you can formulate a concrete plan of action and execute it better to check out that you are following your plan time to time, and keep focused for what you are doing now never forward your work for later in unnecessary situation.
Don't give up without trying it

Never give up without trying

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  1. Sometimes I don’t even know how badly i am procrastinating, all of the things mentioned in this article really pointed out things that happen to me.
    I fully agree with what is stated in this article.
    Much thanks to you sadhvi. Fantastic article.