Condition of Jobs Pre-Post Pandemic in INDIA

Talking about jobs is always an important discussion in the developing and vast country like India. The need of the job can only  be understood when we see an unemployed person fighting to live during this period of pandemic without a job and also striking toward to get a job and not getting a single chance to get away through him to get a job. our government has also started various measures to develop the market as well as to help the needy like Make In India initiative, supporting startup programmes but it cannot do much to meet the need of the hour. This aspect of economy cannot be ignored if any of the country wants to develop  because if a country needs to develop the very first step is to strengthen the roots of the society that comes only when all people get jobs and only after that  there is some initial cash flow comes to the economy, which in turns help to boost the economy. The recent data according to CMIE shows that unemployment rate in DECEMBER 2020 rose to 9.1% which later in JANUARY reported to decrease to 6.5% positively which shows that there are signs of recovery, also according to Dr. Krishnamurti Subramanian our Chief Economic Advisor India’s economy shows the signs of V Shape recovery.

As we see employment and economy are the two sides of the same coin and economy of a country always suffer when the employment goes down in anyway. as this pandemic is turning out to be the greatest disaster of all times not only for India but for the world also . According to several reports  millions of people have lost their jobs in formal sector and informal (unorganized)sector does not have a count that is caused by novel corona-virus. However the pandemic could not be stated as the only reason for the ongoing job crisis. there are many aspects that can be responsible for the same. they are as follows:

  1. Overpopulation– the  ongoing and unstoppable exposure of population in India with no proper family planing leads to overpopulation and that ultimately results into the employment crisis which in turn relates to failure of government planning . for this the government had also introduced schemes to motivate citizens for the control of population with that the government has also started many educational programmes to educate parents to have not more than 2 children so that they can afford their family expenses and also would help in the upliftment of children .
  2. Dependence on agriculture – as major part of India lives in rural areas so the majority depends upon the agriculture for their livelihoods but agriculture being seasonal does not provide permanent employment to the vast population.for this the government should do some efforts for the development of the rural areas which would also help in control of migration of people from rural to urban areas.
  3. Immobility of labor- as India is a country of sentiments by which most people from small towns fails to mobilize  because of family affection and attachment and for this again there is a need for development in small towns by which the population would not suffer.


Conclusion  as we know economy and unemployment are the two sides of the same coin they go hand in hand as the unemplyement rate decreases economy will boost up and if unemployment rate would go up there will be a downfall in the economy. hence there comes the need for the proper planning and development for the growth of the economy and country as well.

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  1. The Article Speaks the Truth of the present scenario 👍👌 … it’s very useful for the youth to know what they are missing behind .