The purest sense where both serenity and wildness coexist in harmony, the most vital source of wonder and inspiration – NATURE, the most incredible gift we need to be grateful about . There is nothing as peaceful as being deep in forest and being immersed in the natural world completely.

Nature is the true antidote to today’s busy and stressful world as the more time we spend in nature the more tuned we we become towards our life. Nature is the most powerful force when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit. It influences us to connect to one another. Spending mindful moments in nature helps us to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones and moreover with the entire natural world around us.

Our natural surroundings really do support our innate healing capacity. It’s our responsibility to connect with the peaceful rhythms of the nature by walking barefoot ( to get connected with the positive vibes with the ground), sleeping outdoors, getting the morning vibes from sun by getting rich vitamin D and listening to the beautiful chirpings of the birds in the morning as they mark out to their deafening noise as they settle down to roost in the evening.

Exposure to the outdoors can help us feel calmer, boosts our immunity and enables us to sleep more soundly than ever before. Spending our quality time with nature can not only enhances our mental sharpness but increases our problem solving capacity and inspire creativity.

One study was conducted by the scientists in Japan to monitor the effects of a practice known as “Shinrin-yoku” which means forest-bathing and also refers to natural mindfulness walks. This study involved field experiments in 24 forests across Japan and there were more than 280 participants participating in this Shinrin-yoku experiment. In each experiment, the scientist sent one half of the participants into the deep woods and the other half into a city. The next day, the participants who spent time in the deep woods were sent into a city and vice versa.

At the end of the experiment, the scientists found that those who spent their time in forests had literally lower concentration of cortisol, lower pulse rate and even lower blood pressure. This experiment beautifully proved that the nature was very much effective in creating perfect health when they were in forest as compared to urban environment.

Not just one study, now there are infinite studies available revealing with utmost accuracy that the people who appreciates, extends gratitude towards nature and most importantly spends time in it are the most happier, healthier and innovative as the nature reduces the stress, pressure and solely helps one to find the true meaning of life and connect with themselves. Thus, all of the research points conclude that the closer we are to nature, the happier we feel.

 Anne frank well said that “The best remedy for those who feel lonely or unhappy is to go outside”. This makes us firmly believe that nature brings solace to all troubles as it improves our cognitive abilities and ignites our power of imagination. With absolutely no surprise that the immortal achievements of our ancestors or history’s greatest pieces of art, literature and music produced by them was possible because of their quality time spent with the mother nature.

But the most bitter truth is we all take nature for granted. One must not forget that what is taken for granted will eventually be taken away. We took nature for granted which is the most indispensable thing highly deserving our gratitude. It’s never too late let’s now understand our priorities and give huge respect to the Mother Nature!

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