The dignity of labour

All forms of work, manual or intellectual are called labour. Dignity of labour chiefly means respectability of manual labour.

Manual labour is very useful to us. The daily affairs of life cannot run without it. The food is the result of the sincere and tireless efforts of the manual work of the cultivators. The houses people live in, the automobile and other industries are the products of the manual labour of millions of workers. So, the dignity of their toil has to be appreciated.

Unfortunately, the educated youths are generally averse to manual labour under a false sense of dignity.They forget that respectability lies, not in whether work is done with the hand or with the intellect, but in how well it is done. A sweeper who does his work well is more honourable than a highplaced official who neglects his duties. The dignity of manual and mental workers is often erroneously judged. All manual works require a certain amount of mental work. The potters who make earthenware from a lump of clay have a considerable sensibility and imagination.

Manual labour is beneficial in other respects too. It keeps us physically fit and fosters a spirit of industry, self-help and manliness, and thereby helps moral growth.So, society must give due honour to manual labourers.

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