Indian Superstitions with their facts | Myths in India

Indian Superstitions with their facts

Myths in India

1.  Do not cut nails after sunset:

This has been a famous superstition in almost every home in India. But yes, it is just a myth we can definitely cut nails on any day, whether it is sunset or not. This myth was generated by our ancestors and it is believed that if we cut our nails before sunset then it will be hygienic and the particles you cut won’t get stuck to your feet. Also in the daylight, we can easily cut the nails, but if we do the same at night we may get some cut, to avoid that we must cut before sunset.

2.  Take a bath after attending the funeral:

After the death of the person, the bacteria can easily flow in the air and can stick to the person attending the funeral, to avoid such conditions it is advised to take bath as soon as you come after attending the funeral to get bacteria to wash off.

3.  The mourning family of a dead person should not cook food until shraddha :

This ritual is almost followed by every Indian house after the death of their loved one. The reason for following this is just to give rest to the family. Obviously, family members are very sad during the interval some crying, some arranging and calling people to meet. So this practice of not cooking food for around 14 days (Hindu religion) until shraddha is to provide rest to the family helping them to cope with the death of their loved one.

4.   Swallow Tulsi leaves, never chew:

Tulsi is considered to have powerful medicinal properties and is worshipped by Hindu devotees. It is also believed that Tulsi is Lakshmi’s avatar. It is suggested to swallow Tulsi leaves and not to chew them, the main reason for this is Tulsi contains some amount of mercury which is harmful to our teeth. mercury is considered harmful for teeth which can degrade the enamel and make your teeth yellow. When you chew the tulsi leaves then mercury content can get dissolved in your teeth and can harm them.

5.    Eat curd and sugar before heading out:

Curd contains calcium and proteins and is also easy on the stomach and the digestive system, whereas sugar provides instant glucose, making them good options for consumption before stepping out. Curd has a cooling effect on the stomach and is highly recommended to have it in regions like India. Curd also has some unique health properties which distinguish it from any other milk product, it contains calcium and protein which is easy to digest and provides cooling, and therefore it is considered to have curd before you step out as good luck.

6.    Crush the head of a snake after killing it:

“Snakes, in general, are well known for retaining reflexes after death,” said Steven Beaupré, a biology professor at the University of Arkansas. The Head of the snake should be crushed, burned, or buried after killing it. A snake can bite a person with a detached head. Snake is a cold-blooded organism, and all the cold-blooded organisms have this property as snakes do. So it is advised to crush its head before it harms any person.

7.    Lemon and green used chilies to avert Buri-Nazar :

This is almost seen in every shop in the market and also in many Indian homes. Nimbu-Mirchi totka is a well-known superstition. The main reason for this is lemon and chilies are rich in nutrients like vitamins and absorb the bacteria not allowing them to enter inside your home or the place you tie them out. Chilies also have several medicinal strengths. Lemon and green chilies have pesticide properties killing germs keeping insects and pests away and used by farmers.