Egyptian Mummification.

               A mummy is the body of a person (or an animal) that has been preserved after death. They were any Egyptian who could afford to pay for the expensive process of preserving their bodies for the afterlife.Aren’t you excited about the mummies?
Why the ancient Egyptians preserved the dead?
               Do you think they fear death?May be because Egyptians were always thinking about the “so-called full stop” of earthly life and attaining the afterlife where they could live forever. In their religion, the body was needed in order for the “ba” (soul) of the person to unite with the “ka” of the person in the afterlife. So they consider this mummification as a away to their afterlife journey. When the mummified body acted as a homebase, it also was a link to the tomb, to the living and to the offerings that the living would bring. They also believe that these offerings by the living are set for their afterlife.
               Osiris was an ancient Egyptian God who was the first recorded one in mythology to die and then reborn into the afterlife. When he died, his wife the goddess Isis had prepared and restored his body along with the help of her sisters. once Osiris body was repaired and wrapped up like a Mummy, he could become the eternal king of the afterlife. Osiris was the model for ancient egyptians. So they believed that if they imitated the process which undergone by Osiris ,they could also be reborn in the afterlife like him.
               The main process of mummification is to take out all the moisture from the body in order to preserve it from decay. During this process they remove all the internal organs through a long incision on the left side of the body except heart done by the priest known as “slicer”. because for them heart is the centre of intelligence. Brain- hooks were used to remove the brain through the nostrils after the person had died.The ancient Egyptians believed that in order for a person’s soul to survive in the afterlife ,it would need to have food and water. The mummies’ mouth kept open on the basis of the thought that the person who died could eat and drink again in the afterlife!
               Recently the researches in Poland discover the world’s first known pregnant Egyptian mummy ,at the time the mummy was thought to have been a male priest.As reported by Associated Press, the pregnant mummy’s age has been estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old with 26 to 28 weeks baby in her womb.“Our first surprise was that it has no penis, but instead it has breasts and long hair, and then we found out that it’s a pregnant woman. When we saw the little foot and then the little hand (of the fetus), we were really shocked,” said Marzena Ozarek-Szilke, an anthropologist and archaeologist. According to their beliefs,mummies are preserved for their afterlife. So in this case,will the baby in the womb of the the woman also get the afterlife?