India : Unity of diversity

India is a vast country having different languages, religious and social customs that very widely from region to region. Still, India has always enjoyed the essential unity of culture in the midst of diversities.

There are many regional peculiarities in India. Apart from social and lingual differences, there exist differences in food habits, dresses and traditions. Historically, and politically India is one nation. there have lived million of people in India. For centuries non-Indians have lived in India but gradually became one of us. Great religious and political leaders have, by their preachings from time to time, enabled the people of India to imbibe the spirit of brotherhood.

Despite difference in religious beliefs professed by different people, India is a secular country. The Indian people are tolerant, full of charity and sympathy and are religious by nature. In spite of the fact that science and technology have given Indian people a new way of life, but their old values remain unchanged.

Indian philosophy and ethical systems and a deep sense of oneness make it possible for them all to live in peaceful coexistence with tolerance and broad unity of outlook.

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