Man’s greatest creation: music, the language of spirit opening up the secret of life by bringing peace and abolishing the strife far and wide. It is the incredible trait of music in its ability to have infinite sounds , emotions, instruments, beats, genres which greatly influences us to connect with the people on such a massive level that even the power of words fail to reach such a level.


It is an explosive expression of humanity which helps us to express our innermost feeling in the most powerful manner because it is something we all are touched by. It touches our soul and strikes a chord in our heart. Music is often said that when language fails the best resort is music. Believe in the power of music and you will be able to express the innermost feeling with much more clarity and effectively with lot of magnitude.

Music greatly helps in spreading happiness and joy in life of a person, gives us the soul for our life and immense peace of mind. It creates a vibrant pattern that it evokes and stirs up the feelings and emotions in the listener’s heart and creates a sense of joy. It is an organized melodious sound in succession which helps in creating a composition of music in unity, continuity and harmony. Music is an art of combining tones to form expressive and rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds.


Throughout our musical history, we have sought to connect with nature on a deep and emotional level. This internal connection we seek with the nature is rooted in our human ancestry and evolution having been entirely immersed in nature. The beautiful bird’s chirping, the water running, tree leaves resting and wind blowing are all realistic rhythm of unnoticed music which is greatest blessing from the god. Moreover our primitive forms of communication, emotional expression and social connection were all through musical sounds that originally stemmed from the natural world surrounded us.

Clearly, we have strong internal connection with both the nature and music, but these two essential components to human life go hand in hand in our evolutionary history and in our human-nature as naturally we use music to express our emotion which has been both emphasized and reinforced by composers and musicians who have sought to nature through their music and strengthen our essential connection with music and in the deepest roots of nature.


   The sublime power of music that breaks all the geographical boundaries and helps people to connect together regardless of their diverse social, political, geographical and cultural background. It is the inevitable force which that knows no religion and no discrimination on the basis of caste and creed. It gives equal delight to all and helps us to connect with god by transporting our soul to another world. Thus is greatly helps us in establishing peace and promoting internal brotherhood.

Plato, a great Greek philosopher once said that music should be an indispensable part of education. In his scheme of education he greatly emphasized on three forms of disciplines they are:

    1. Mathematics for the development and training of our brain.
    2. Gymnastics for the development and training of our body.
    3. last but not the least MUSIC for feeding our soul

Through musical instruments and voice it helps people to reach a sublime state such as “SUFI MUSIC“. It is such a delight for our ears to hear this form of music. We can produce music with the help of various instruments.

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Music gives us a permanent solution to wipe off boredom from our life. It gives us the flight to the imagination and let’s us to paint the life’s unforgettable memories in silence. Thus it is well said that “Life is like the keys of piano has both white and black keys but we must never forget that black keys too makes music.”





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