Engaging activities for the lockdown period

The lockdown period bothers everyone especially when all the social gatherings and meet ups are halted. We get plenty of time in our hands. This is the time when we can learn new skills and brush up the old ones. So why not look out for some interesting and productive activities which can be carried out even during lockdown.

>Catch up with old friends

It’s a great time to catch up with all the friends and family members you haven’t talked in a while. Chat with them on video call, play online games or just plan an online get together.

>Read books

Treat yourself with a good book. Reading is not just a great past time but also a productive activity. Read to get inspired or simply to learn something new and advance your vocabulary. Look for some good and easily accessible e-books.

>Get an online internship

During the time of lockdown on-site jobs and opportunities might not be possible but a virtual internship might prove beneficial. Many companies, associations and organizations are providing online internships to individuals which can be done from home. Look for the best suited internship for yourself. This might later help in grabbing good job opportunities post lockdown.

>Learn to cook

Try cooking and let your friends and family taste it. Start with basic and easy-to-cook recipes. Reach out to family and friends for cooking hacks and tips or just surf online for your favourite recipe. Participate in online workshops for cooking to master the skill.

>Maintain your personal diary

Ever read ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ which is a collection of diary entries of a young girl during the Nazi rule in Germany? If you wish to do something similar, this is the right time. We are experiencing a pandemic and what better than this can be the theme for your diary entries. Create time line of events, collect newspaper articles and picture. This can also act as a pandemic time capsule. One day, you’ll be able to narrate these stories to your children and grandchildren.

>Get hands on a new skill

This can prove to be the perfect time to grab a new skill. Explore your creative side. Try out drawing, sketching or painting. If interested in music, go on to learn singing or instruments. Dancing, photography and art are also fun to do and really engaging.

>Start your kitchen garden

If you are an expert gardener and love to grow plants, this is the ultimate opportunity for you. Kitchen gardening is one of the most popular activities done during lockdown. What can be better than eating what you grow?

>Create a YouTube channel

Since most of the entertainment these days is digital, YouTube is a platform for fresh content. Just like most of the celebrities, you too can begin a YouTube channel and start uploading your fun and engaging videos.