Hidden in Ads

                Advertisements possess a special power to influence the minds of people and the continuous presentation of the same is capable to register the idea which conveyed through it. But the audience not only perceive the upper layer of meaning but also the hidden elements in it. Why do the ads of kitchen related things are presented by women? These minor elements have a huge impact on the budding minds of children which unintentionally spread the same wrong ideas that are part of so called tradition. This again fix the idea that these responsibilities are exclusively of woman.

               For example the advertisement of vim, in which the women in the ad is a home maker and the son is asking about her job after filling his Father’s job as bank manager to fill a form. the ad clearly underlines the fact that she is talented enough to be a Baker but the loaded works in the house, keep her away from her dreams.Husband expressed his helplessness towards her by saying that don’t you have a dream to open a bakery? And continued to looking at her working hands without helping her.At that time the miracle happens!!! ‘Vim’ is equal to the time saver and helped her to complete her task quickly and started her bakery!!! “Prove your identity” is the tag line of the ad which is positive and a motivation to the womanhood to follow her dreams without spare her time inside the four walls of her house.But still the advertisement never brings a revolutionary movement instead it only shows their product as a helper for her.If the husband is ready to help her and her turning point would be a positive note,but these presentation of fixed notions only helps to create the same idea among people …But not a change.

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