Twitter Facebook going to be banned! Why and from when?

It seems the two big social media giants, Facebook and Twitter are soon going to be banned: A group of news reports are estimating that the two big social media giants which are Facebook and Twitter may face a ban in India if they will be failed to comply with the new intermediary guidelines made for social media platforms.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave a three-month deadline to the big organisations to accept the guidelines given to them by Ministry till May 25, but till now only Koo the Indian social media platform similar to Twitter, none have accepted them. As per an official of government ,if any of these social media platform will fail to accept these Guidelines they might risk losing status as social media platforms. The government can also take action against them as per the law of the land for not following the rules.

The rules will be effective from May 26. Although whatever happens, but Indian users will still be able to use these social media platforms. It is being estimated by some experts that it is not likely that government would strictly enforce all provisions unless it would be seriously required as social media platforms will always have an option to move to court and challenge the government. Also the government wouldn’t wish that social media platforms move to court as they might fear being embarrassed in court as the guidelines sound unconstitutional.

Besides, the Centre was also expected to issue a set of FAQs to explain about these guidelines that how they are being implemented. However, those have not been released till and there is also a huge possibility of the deadline being extended to give more time to the Ministry of Electronics and IT department to figure out the nuances. Also there are extremely low possibilities that government would impose a ban on these US companies because of the dominance of US government in world.

The government had also set 50 lakh registered users as the threshold for defining ”significant social media intermediary”, which means that large players like Twitter, Facebook and Google would have to comply with additional norms. When the government announced these guidelines in February it said that the rules will be implemented instantly, although the significant social media platforms(having large no. of users) will have an extra time of three months for complying these guidelines. These significant social media platforms will be also required to publish a monthly compliance report revealing the details of complaints received and action taken by them. They will also be required to have a physical contact address in India published on its website as well as on it’s mobile app.

Basically the new guidelines were meant to make social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Whatsapp) responsible for the content it is having. For example- Social media companies will have to remove posts related to nudity within 24 hours only. However they won’t be asked to disclose the content of any message. Also the users will be informed and explained the cause in case social media platforms remove any content of users on their own. They will be required to give a valid explanation behind that.

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